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The American leader in health stones, Minerals Kingdoms offers natural stone jewellery, stone objects and raw minerals selected for their litho therapeutic virtues.




A specialist in healing stones and litho therapy, Minerals Kingdoms travel the four corners of the globe to find and extract the most beautiful natural stones out there. Each stone is then carefully imported into France to craft, by hand, natural stone jewellery that is both authentic and of high quality. Today, Minerals Kingdoms is one of the key players in litho therapy and is recognised as a leader in healing stones. Choosing Minerals Kingdoms means choosing exceptional natural stone jewellery. With Minerals Kingdoms, wear your natural stone jewellery in the most elegant way possible all whilst looking after your health!



In all forms and for all uses, natural stone objects are available to you. Do you want to take full advantage of the virtues and properties of litho therapy stones whilst admiring their natural appearance? Minerals Kingdoms offers you a large number of objects made from natural stone, namely: spheres, eggs, pendulums, and much more on demand… They are perfect for therapists (such as a labradorite sphere to protect you from negative energies or black tourmaline for protection against electromagnetic waves), but also for individuals, and as decoration. Let natural stone objects harmonise the energies of your environment.



Minerals Kingdoms invites you to discover our passion for litho therapy and our love for natural stones, crystals and minerals. Our team is passionate and will help you to find natural polished or raw minerals, such as quartz clusters, pebbles and tumbled stones. Each of these stones, crystals and minerals are unique and authentic. They reveal the natural richness of the world around us and the beauty of nature that our world embodies. The Minerals Kingdoms team is committed to helping you on your litho therapy journey with their natural stones: From the four corners of the globe, straight to your door…


Find out what natural stones can do for you!

Lithotherapy or stone therapy

Not so long ago, our ancestors regularly offered nature’s natural gifts, knowing perfectly well their benefits and virtues. Beyond the symbols, the infinitesimal quantities of minerals interest contemporary researchers for their density and their condensed properties. In a more spiritual register, we will hear more about lithotherapy as the virtues of stones, but both are based on the same thesis: the chemical composition of each mineral and its impact on its environment. The results are now proven, in particular through magnetotherapy, which is based on the knowledge of magnetite in a recovery process. The sedative virtues of the magnet stone thus allow an acceleration in this very precise framework. In a similar vein, copper also has therapeutically recognised virtues.

Regaining functional balance through lithotherapy

Derived from the Greek words “lithos” and “therapia”, lithotherapy literally means the cure or therapy with stones. Today, many researchers agree that the vibratory and energetic impact of stones on our psyche and our body in lithotherapy is based on a structural analogy. Thus, placing a stone in the palm of one’s hand or wearing a natural stone jewel with the appropriate virtues can be essential to overcome this shortcoming. The stone in question triggers a singular vibratory resonance on contact with the skin which stimulates the organic minerals, removing potential body dysfunctions. Each mineral has a unique vibration and thus offers an activation of the energy centres (chakras). This vibration will vary depending on its chemical composition, crystal structure and colour. The stone or mineral in question will thus have specific virtues and will allow us to regulate a part of our body, and then to recover its functional balance.

Why use lithotherapy?

As you will have understood, lithotherapy is not a medicine, nor a miracle remedy that cures all ills. It is rather a set of virtues for the body and the spirit which emanate from the energies diffused by the stones. You can use minerals to promote your well-being, to relieve mental and physical tension, to accelerate the healing process, and to protect you from the negative energies around you. Lithotherapy can be seen as a form of accompaniment, to help and support you in parallel with real medical care. Again, it is important to stress that lithotherapy is not intended to cure, but it can provide valuable support in difficult times. Depending on the meaning, some stones can even be worn as good luck charms to attract luck, love or financial prosperity.Turning to lithotherapy is a gentle, simple and natural way to balance your energies, activate your chakras, and thus, improve your daily quality of life

Who is lithotherapy for?

To everyone! No matter what your age, sex, or beliefs, there is a stone that can correspond to you and bring you good energy. Moreover, if you pay attention to the meaning of the different stones, you will see that some are particularly suitable for children, while others are more effective on women. Lithotherapy is for anyone interested in chakras, energies, astrology, and naturally, the power of stones. Used for many thousands of years in the four corners of the world, stones have always been coveted for their brilliant beauty and for their powerful virtues. Beyond their power, stones also appeal to those who love sparkling, elegant and original jewellery. Precious stones, semi-precious stones and all other minerals are highly prized in the world of jewellery and can be used to create absolutely unique jewellery.

How to feel the benefits of stones?

To feel the benefits of the stones, it is highly recommended to wear them close to your skin. You can also place them in your bedroom, in your living room or in your workplace, depending on the desired effects. For example, if you need a stone that facilitates communication, you can choose a necklace so that it is always positioned on your throat-chakra If you are looking for a stone to help you sleep, you can simply place it on a bedside table next to your bed. The closer you keep your stones, the more you will be able to feel their positive energies. For some people, these energies manifest themselves as a feeling of warmth. For others, it is an almost instantaneous feeling of calm and well-being. And finally, some need more time to feel the energies. Whatever happens, you should know that everyone can be receptive to lithotherapy, but each person reacts differently according to his or her sensitivity, and according to the stone chosen !

How to choose your stones?

Follow your intuition: If you often rely on your intuition in life, and you are particularly receptive to the energies of stones, you can choose a stone just by looking at it. Very often, the choice of a stone is made on the basis of a good intuition. Let the colours guide you: Even if you don’t know the meaning of the colours of the stones, you can let yourself be guided by the colours that attract you. Generally, this attraction is not insignificant and can be the sign of a perfect compatibility. Choose according to your astrological sign:If you are an astrology enthusiast, you can choose your stones according to your sign. Indeed, each stone has a particular affinity with one or several astrological signs. Thus, stones can accentuate, attenuate or compensate for certain traits of your personality that are closely linked to your astrological sign. If you wish to offer a stone to someone, choosing according to the astrological sign is an excellent idea to be sure not to make a mistake. Choose according to the targeted chakras:Tout comme pour les signes astrologiques, chaque pierre est associée à un ou plusieurs chakras. Par exemple, vous pouvez utiliser une pierre qui cible le chakra de la gorge pour améliorer votre capacité de communication, ou encore une pierre qui vise le chakra du troisième œil pour développer votre clairvoyance, votre intuition et votre créativité. Choose the shape that suits you best: If you wish to wear your stone as jewellery, you can choose between rings, necklaces, earrings, or bracelets. If you prefer to carry a stone in your pocket, in your bag or in your living space, you can choose between rolled stones, rough stones, inch stones, druses and geodes. And finally, if you are looking for a stone in the form of a decorative object, you can choose between boxes, eggs, spheres and pyramids.

Why and how to purify your stones?

You can’t see it with your own eyes, but your stones are constantly working to protect you and spread good energy around you. Moreover, some minerals are very absorbent, which is why it is essential to purify them all the more often to preserve them. Physically and energetically, a stone that is not purified regularly will age more quickly. But rest assured, a very simple purification ritual is all that is needed to keep the natural brilliance and original power of your stones alive. As a general rule, the purification process is done with :
water and salt ;
lincense, earth, and a flower of life ;
an amethyst geode or druse.
To find out which method to use, go to the purification and recharge table.

Why and how to recharge your stones?

After cleaning and purifying your stones, you should also remember to recharge them to preserve their power. Over time, you may experience a small drop in energy. To keep its full effectiveness, you simply need to recharge your stones by placing them :
on a quartz cluster ;
under the rays of the sun or the moon.
Again, you can consult the purification and recharge table to find the most suitable option for your stone.

Some advice on how to take full advantage of the benefits of lithotherapy

Do not hesitate to part with a stone that does not suit you:If there is an incompatibility, a stone may not be suitable for you at all. For example, if you are hyperactive by nature and wear a stone that is too energizing, such as a tiger’s eye, it could make the situation worse. If the effects do not suit you, simply put the stone aside and save it for later. It will surely be very useful to you at another time in your life.
Do not replace lithotherapy with a real medical follow-up:Although lithotherapy can be of precious help, it should not replace a real medical follow-up. If you suffer from chronic pain or psychological disorders, you must consult a health professional. The stones can nevertheless accompany you and help you in your healing process.
Don’t settle for just one stone:If you really want to invest in lithotherapy, you should choose several stones to work on different aspects of your life: communication, love, breathing, sleep, creativity… Everything is possible with lithotherapy. The diversity of stones is so rich, that it would be almost a shame to choose only one.
Practicing meditation :Whether you are a beginner or an expert in lithotherapy, the practice of meditation will help you to better feel the energies, improve your concentration, and strengthen your inner calm. Combining lithotherapy and meditation will allow you to reach a whole new level of serenity and well-being
Purify and recharge your stones: If you take the time to purify and recharge your stones regularly, they will be able to offer you their benefits and virtues for many, many years. Take care of your stones, and they will pay you back.

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