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April Birthstone: Diamond

Arguably the most mythical and powerful of all gemstones and birthstones, diamond primarily comes from Africa (the Congo, Botswana, South Africa), but also from Russia or Australia. It has been highly prized for centuries for its unrivalled brilliance, but also for its incomparable hardness: indeed, a diamond cannot be scratched by any stone except by another diamond.

It has the highest degree (10) on the Mohs scale which assesses the hardness of minerals. Diamonds are almost exclusively refined in the world’s largest jewellery venues: Antwerp, Tel-Aviv and the Indian Gujarat.
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What are the particularities of April’s birthstone: diamond?

Month : April

Symbols : Courage, Strength

Traditions : Diamond was worn by Indian warriors to protect themselves from danger.

In brief : April’s birthstone, diamond is the perfect mineral for the 7th chakra and allows union with cosmic forces. Symbolically, it allows one to discover the subtle energies that pass through the universe.

April Birthstone Description: Diamond

There are a large number of diamond varieties on earth, comprising nearly every colour on the spectrum: pink, green, blue or yellow, or rarer still, red or purple. The most common, however, are white. Some stones have several colours, such as the yellow-green diamond. Their intensity and brilliance are equally variable.

If the diamond is undoubtedly April’s birthstone, it is for several reasons. Its hardness and incredible resistance generally associate it with loyalty. This is why it is frequently offered at weddings, the season of which begins in April. Diamond’s brilliance makes it the absolute symbol of purity, and therefore of birth. And as it is a versatile stone that suits everyone, do not hesitate to offer it to a newborn, set in a jewel that he/she can wear throughout life.

Zodiac Signs Associated With Diamond

Diamond is associated with Aries zodiac sign, known for their temper and strength of character. What stone could be stronger to withstand the force of the ram’s horns? It is the perfect stone to counterbalance Aries’s strong temperament and to allow them, through its brilliance, to prevent outbursts and anger.

In ancient Greece, diamonds were thought to have come from the Gods of Olympus’s tears. It is for this reason that, from this time until the 18th century, the most beautiful diamonds adorned the clothes of nobles and the rich in various European civilisations.

Chakras Associated With Diamond

As the ultimate mineral, diamond is suitable for all chakras without exception, greatly amplifying their power. However, due to its immense power, it should not be put in the hands of everyone. Beginners and amateurs in the field of litho therapy should be wary and use it sparingly until they have gained more experience and confidence. Otherwise, sometimes people are carried away by its power and get stuck in meditation exercises.

On the other hand, those who are impure may not use the diamond wisely, which causes diamond to turn against its wearer in great and at times dramatic proportions. Diamonds should therefore only be used after a few years of experience, or in a careful manner.

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