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August’s Birthstone: Peridot

Peridot is a silicate composed of iron and magnesium. It is also called olivine in geology or chrysolite (a term that has fallen into disuse) This stone used in jewellery was known and used by the Egyptians since antiquity.

In the Middle Ages, it was brought back to Europe by the Crusaders and used to foster dreams, attract love and elevate spirituality. Peridot was then superseded by emerald that was brought back by conquistadors and used for its superior hardness. Today, it is primarily produced in Arizona, in the Apache Reservation but there are also deposits in Australia, Myanmar, Egypt, Kenya, Mexico and Norway.
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What are the particularities of August’s birthstone: peridot ?

Month :August

Symbols : Joy, inner peace

Traditions : Peridot brings balance, joy and inner healing.

In brief : August’s birthstone, peridot offers self-confidence whilst strengthening the mind. Bringing inner peace, this stone helps to remove guilt and has great spiritual power.

August’s Birthstone Description: Peridot

Every month of the year is dedicated a stone, and the beautiful green peridot is the stone of August. Its green is very bright, ranging from light with golden reflections through to a bright green reminiscent of olives in August and ending with a deeper shade like the colour of the shadowy forests of summer.

Its freshness and transparency offer the feeling of warmth associated with this month. In addition to its benefits on the liver and small skin problems, peridot has spiritual virtues. It instils a certain clarity of mind favourable to meditation. It is also reputed to improve self-confidence and attract love, as well as having effects on our dreams. August’s birthstone can be set in jewellery, both feminine and masculine, for a remarkable gift that is original, radiant, radiant, bright and refreshing. The lesser-known peridot is well worth discovering.

Zodiac Signs Associated With Peridot

Beyond the Arizona, Myanmar, or Canary Islands deposits, geologists have discovered peridot crystals in meteorites from asteroids between Mars and Jupiter. These fragments can even sometimes be used for jewellery. August’s birthstone, it goes without saying that it is best associated with the Leo zodiac sign. But it also suits the Libra, Capricorn and Taurus signs well.

In Chinese astrology, it is associated with the snake sign for which it calms certain personality traits, and that of the Monkey which it supports. Named the « Sun Gem » by the Egyptians, this stone was sacred and revered, and was found in pharaohs tombs in the form of pieces of jewellery.

Chakras Associated With Peridot

In Indian culture, peridot is associated with the heart chakra which is represented by its green, and which symbolises love in all its forms. It has multiple properties: It restores the balance of the heart, it is ideal to chase away dark thoughts, anxieties and stress, it reduces pimples and blackheads, it strengthens the immune system, it protects against negative energies for those who work in sensitive environments, it has energising properties, it has a purifies and detoxifies the digestive system, and it helps regulate stomach anxiety.

It is the stone of well-being, « of love at first sight », but it is also a solitary stone. Peridot should not be used or combined with other minerals. It may lose its properties, or worse, turn them negative.

August’s birthstone

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