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January Birthstone: Garnet

Garnets are considered January’s Birthstone, and are known to have particularly warm colours. Pyrope garnet, the star of this glistening family, with its colours ranging from deep red to brown, is just one of the many elements of this mineral group of varied colours, sometimes far removed from red.
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What are the particularities of January’s stone: garnet?

Month : January

Symbols : Energy, Loyalty, Truth

Traditions : Garnet was used as a protective stone against harmful energies.

In brief : January’s Birthstone, garnet brings courage, joy and life force. As a confidence stone, garnet is associated with willpower, success and renewed self-confidence.

January Birthstone Description: Garnet

In the Middle Ages, these semi-precious stones, then called "carbuncles", adorned Crusader’s costumes. They were deemed to give them strength and courage to face the many dangers that awaited them during the holy wars.

January’s Birthstone is therefore energising, helping one get through winter and start the new year. For those who wear it in good conscience, it strengthens determination and increases self-confidence. It is a valuable tool for any new business or for the achievement of new goals.

In addition to pyrope garnet, there are many other varieties in the garnet family: garnets with lighter colours, even featuring pink hues (these are ideal for children or girls), rhodolite with pink sometimes taking on purple hues, almandine which displays a brick-red, spessartite which ranges from orange to red-brown, tsavorite which features dark green, grossular with a dark orange colour, demantoid that ranges between light green and emerald and finally, black garnet.

Zodiac signs associated with garnet

January’s Birthstone, garnet is, of course, associated with the zodiac signs of the beginning of the year: Capricorn and Aquarius.

In Chinese astrology, whose sign changes on February 5th each year, garnet corresponds to the sign of the rat, as does emerald.

In litho therapy (alternative medicine that uses the energy of stones) virtues are granted to stones. One of the best known examples is amber, which, when worn as a necklace, relieves babies’ dental pain. Garnet, in its many forms, is no exception to the rule and, positioned at the various chakras, it strengthens well-being or facilitates the expression of various traits in those who are receptive to it.

Chakras associated with garnet

Chakras that are associated with January’s Birthstone and its elixir: the Root Chakra: providing strength and courage, the Sacral Chakra: stimulating the reproductive organs and restoring sexual vigour, the Solar Plexus: also offering stimulating effects including on blood pressure.

In a broader physical approach, garnet elixir has beneficial effects on the adrenal glands, kidneys, liver, heart and thyroid. It restores one’s inner flame and can therefore bring well-being to those who are experiencing sexual problems or who are living their lives as a struggle and constantly facing difficult situations.

Finally, a harmonisation stone, garnet balances all levels of being: physical, emotional and spiritual.

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