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July Birthstone: Ruby

Ruby ranges from pink to red, depending on the deposit from which it comes. Most rubies come from Myanmar, although there are deposits in Thailand and Australia.

When used in jewellery, ruby can be perfectly set in gold or silver, or in separate pieces. Ruby rings and necklaces are particularly appreciated, the bright colour highlighting one’s skin tone.
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What are the particularities of July’s birthstone: ruby?

Month : July

Symbols : Divine love, courage, loyalty

Traditions : Ruby embodied the inner fire for the Indians and helped to dispel the anger.

In brief : July’s birthstone, ruby offers invigorating and disinfectant properties to the wearer. Bringing courage and loyalty, Ruby is a stone of life that is closely associated with the root and heart chakras.

July Birthstone Description: Ruby

Ruby is also a very powerful symbol. Its red represents strength, but also passion and for some, loyalty. It is also a sign of happiness. In the past, it was associated with courage, and it adorned armour as well as royal items (crowns, sceptres, etc.). July’s birthstone offers strength and boldness to the wearer, and this is one of its primary qualities. As such, litho therapy professionals recommend it to those who lack self-confidence and need to open up, to spread their wings.

Pour les natifs du mois de juillet, qui possèdent eux aussi leur caractère bien affirmé, le rubis saura les représenter avec justesse. Juillet est symbolique de l'été, période chaude, à laquelle le rubis s'adapte aussi très bien en raison de ses coloris toujours vifs et chauds. For those born in July who also have a strong character, ruby will be able to represent them accurately. July is symbolic of summer, a warm period, to which the ruby also adapts very well due to its bright and warm colours. In addition, only the sun’s rays can give the real beauty to July’s birthstone : its brilliance will then be even stronger.

Zodiac Signs Associated With Ruby

July’s birthstone is associated with the Leo, Aries, Cancer and Scorpio signs. However, those of July’s zodiac signs, Leo and Cancer, will reap the most benefits from carrying this stone.

Nevertheless, it is the Leo sign that is most affected by ruby. It is a fire sign, which corresponds to its spirit animal as much as to its planet, Mars, the red planet: it is bright, powerful and warm. Ruby will accentuate these qualities and allow them to be fully realised.

As far as Chinese astrology is concerned, it is the Dragon that is most influenced by ruby, although the Tiger and the Dog are also associated with it. Like the Leo, the Dragon is a fire sign with a strong temperament.

Chakras Associated With Ruby

Ruby is related to the heart chakra, Anahata. Located at the chest, this chakra is linked to the emotions, compassion, love and the ability to reach out to others. The heart chakra is associated with our relationships with ourselves as well as with others.

Ruby will foster these abilities, allowing these emotions to be expressed, accepted and harmonised. It is also a symbol of love, and is compatible with the heart chakra in this sense: it promotes discussion and can also ease some chest pains.

For women, ruby can also ease menstrual pains. Within a relationship, it can bring comfort, understanding and harmony.

July’s birthstone

Matching stone for July : Ruby.