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June Birthstone: Moonstone

June’s birthstone represents loving harmony. As early as the Gallo-Roman Empire, it was thought that moonstone possessed the same powers as the moon from which it came. Its reflections were considered to change according to the moon’s phases. It was used in the Middle Ages by lactating mothers to increase lactation. Women’s breasts were to be rubbed with a white moonstone. In mythology, it was associated with femininity, motherhood and the deities representing them. It is a stone of feminine sensuality and eroticism.
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What are the particularities of June’s birthstone: moonstone?

Month : June

Symbols : Femininity, Marriage

Traditions : In ancient Greece, Moonstone was used as a medicine and for marriages.

In brief : June’s Birthstone, moonstone brings great happiness primarily linked to love for one’s family or child. This stone works on the astral and mental bodies whilst regulating emotions.

June Birthstone Description: Moonstone

Also known as the Adularia stone, it is a symbol of innocence and all that is related to childhood. Today, it is used in litho therapy for the energetic care of the third-eye and crown chakras Moonstone stimulates imagination, intuition, gentleness, and decision-making. Indeed, it allows one find the courage to choose one’s own path with firmness and gentleness. It is an excellent stone for contemplation and for finding the emotional balance between the mental and astral bodies. It is also deemed to induce premonitory dreams.

Within relationships, it fosters harmony and reconciliation, thanks to its role in managing emotions. It helps to develop one to develop acute artistic senses by increasing sensitivity and inventiveness. Simplicity, tenderness and poetry are the keywords linked to this stone of bluish reflections. A stone of purification and hope, moonstone helps one to get through life’s difficult moments.

Zodiac Signs Associated With Moonstone

Moonstone is linked to those of the month of June and the Cancer zodiac sign. If the cancer is a hypersensitive, this stone is perfect to help them in the management of their emotions. It will increase the accuracy of their intuition. It will also help cancers to develop their existing qualities, intuition, loyalty, and perseverance, and will provide them the protection they so desperately need.

Those of the Cancer sign are also quite home-loving and routine-based as it makes them feel secure. They do not like to go out of the ordinary and family has a central place for them. They can quickly become jealous of their loved one.

The Cancer is also unforgiving, even if they are great at hiding this flaw. Indeed, they prefer to avoid conflicts rather than confront them. Gifted with a strong intelligence and persuasive abilities, they can prove very controlling. Moonstone will provide them all the kindness they need.

Chakras Associated With Moonstone

A symbol of femininity, June’s birthstone helps prevent infertility. It is associated with the Sacral chakra on which it should be placed for around ten minutes a day. It should also be placed on the ovaries in the same manner. When breastfeeding, it is positioned between the breasts on the skin to stimulate lactation. However, care should be taken not to use it during the full moon.

Moonstone is also recommended for thyroid problems. For example, it can be placed at the heart chakra as a pendant to stimulate this organ. It can also be used as a drinkable elixir. Finally, it has an eye action in case of visual problems. The stone should be soaked in water for 1 hour in the light of the Moon, and then applied to the eyes with a pad.

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