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November’s Birthstone: Citrine

Citrine brings joy and calm to November. It comes in several hues: from the lightest orange to the darkest ochre. It is a radiant stone that symbolises joy and strength for those born in November. The latter are the most receptive to its positive energy.

Citrine deposits are primarily located in Brazil, Uruguay and Madagascar. In the past, citrine protected against evil influences, nature’s dangers and evil eye. It is considered a lucky stone that protects the wearer.
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What are the particularities of November’s birthstone: citrine?

Month : November

Symbols : Happiness

Traditions : Citrine was used to protect against negative thoughts and snake venom.

In brief : November’s birthstone, citrine brings you success, joy and abundance. A stone of energetic balance, citrine promotes concentration and helps to purify and dissipate negative energies.

November’s Birthstone Description: Citrine

Today, citrine has many litho therapeutic properties. Depending on the need, it calms or energises the body and mind. For the body, it has a preventive role for many ailments, as well as for external signs of stress or nervousness. As far as the mind is concerned, it allows you to regain your serenity and concentration and stimulates your creativity. It has many beneficial effects that can be recharged by water. In fact, stones need to be recharged and purified if we want to keep enjoying their benefits.

This stone purifies itself thanks to water (from a source if possible), and recharges in the sun, but not through heat. It is a warm-coloured solar stone that requires the sun’s rays to recharge. Spring water eliminates absorbed energies and purifies the stone. Worn as a pendant or bracelet, it will illuminate one’s face and everyday life with its brilliance and strength.

Zodiac Signs Associated With Citrine

November’s stone accompanies several zodiac signs to which it is linked. It better influences these signs and they are also more receptive to it.

Sagittarius, November’s zodiac sign, as well as Leo, Gemini and Taurus may benefit from a certain affinity with citrine. November’s birthstone fosters calming for these signs which are at times very lively. It also elevates their spirituality by fostering peace and inner harmony and by bringing optimism.

November’s birthstone will influence the signs that, depending on their character, will most need its qualities.

Chakras associated with citrine

Citrine is primarily related to the sacral chakra located at the level of the genitals and responsible for our digestive system. Its Sanskrit name is Svadhisthana, translating as "our home". It also works on the solar plexus chakra known as Manipura, at the stomach and towards the lungs.

Citrine helps to calm these chakras and release their energies. It can also ease some of digestive and genital pains. It helps in the elimination of toxins and can be of great aid during detoxification programs. It can also help boost one’s self-esteem.

It allows these chakras to be re-energised so that they work at full capacity and works on the pancreas and liver to promote their functioning.

November’s birthstone

Matching stone for November : Citrine.

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