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September Birthstone: Sapphire

A birthstone associated with September, sapphire is a precious stone of exceptional and legendary beauty. Sapphire belongs to the same group as ruby: Corundum. It is usually of a unique deep blue colour but can be found in other colours varieties such as pink, purple, etc. These different hues make it possible to have many adornment varieties all as beautiful as the next.

As such, they can be easily offered as presents for loved ones for many occasions. Indeed, it will only delight as this beautiful stone fascinates at first glance. September’s birthstone symbolises purity, immortality and wisdom. The largest deposits are in Kashmir and Sri Lanka but are found all over the world, particularly in tropical wetlands such as Madagascar, India, Myanmar and Brazi...
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What are the particularities of September’s birthstone: sapphire?

Month : September

Symbols : Loyalty, truth

Traditions : Sapphire wards off negative energy and evil spirits.

In brief : September’s birthstone, sapphire promotes spiritual elevation and contemplation. It eases anxieties whilst fostering vitality. Sapphire offers concentration and creativity.

September Birthstone Description: Sapphire

September Birthstone Description: Sapphire Sapphire owes its colour diversity to the chemical elements that it is composed of. Indeed, it is iron and titanium that give it its velvet blue. As for its purple, it is due to its vanadium content. Chromium gives pink sapphires their colour whilst Iron gives sapphires a yellow hue. Regardless, their hardness remains unchanged. Indeed, it is much easier to find the perfect gift as the various sapphire varieties offer a wide range of jewellery choices. In addition, as each birthstone is given a month, you easily align with the nature of the jewel you choose.

Zodiac Signs Associated With Sapphire

Since the dawn of time, sapphire has been highly prized as it is considered a stone of justice, wisdom and truth. According to several traditions, especially those of Roman and Egyptian origin, it holds the absolute power of truth. Sapphire is attributed to the Libra zodiac sign and three others: Virgo, Taurus and Sagittarius.

It has numerous spiritual and calming properties that greatly aid relaxation and contemplation. This corundum allows those of the Libra zodiac to lead a harmonious life.

Chakras Associated With Sapphire

September’s birthstone works particularly well on the heart and third eye chakras. It has numerous physical and mental virtues Sapphire aids the regeneration of skin, nails and hair. It prevents sinusitis, as well as ear and eye ailments. It eases menstrual pain and strengthens the bladder. Sapphire also tones the lungs whilst easing joint pain, stomach aches or digestive problems.

Sapphire is also known for helping one to enjoy a restful sleep. A contemplation stone, it supports concentration and inspiration. It revitalises mental activity and prevents all forms of anger and impatience.

September Birthstone

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