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Emerald Necklace – Baroque – Minerals Kingdom

Emerald Necklace – Baroque


  • Brand: Minerals Kingdom
  • Type of jewellery: Necklace
  • Type of stone: Emerald
  • Type of bead: Baroque
  • Non resizable

Clasp and wire type:

  • Steel clasp – Fabric wire (for 45 cm and 60 cm in length).
  • Without clasp – Fabric wire (for 90 cm in length).

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Emerald Necklace – Shape: Baroque

Description of the Emerald Baroque Necklace

The Minerals Kingdom team propose you this magnificent emerald baroque necklace. Emerald is a particularly rare precious stone. Our experts have verified the origin and authenticity of the stone before cutting it and offering it to our customers. In lithotherapy, only authentic stones can provide you with beneficial properties. Emerald is associated with the 55th wedding anniversary.

Emeralds have been known and used since ancient times. Five thousand years ago, the Egyptians mined emerald to create jewellery that was purchased by the wealthiest people. Cleopatra was fascinated by this gemstone. She gave it to her closest friends as a present. Emerald was used as currency by the Babylonians. The Romans were more interested in the therapeutic properties of the stone. According to them, it could improve eyesight. Pliny the Elder recommended its use to treat eye disorders. In the Middle Ages, legend says that King Arthur’s Holy Grail was made of emerald. No two emeralds are the same. In Brazil, rather impure specimens of almost a billion years old are found, while in Colombia, younger stones of about 65 million years old are mined.

Lithotherapeutic Properties of the Emerald Baroque Necklace

Psychological Benefits of the Emerald Baroque Necklace

The emerald baroque necklace is capable of:

  • Calming passions and excesses;
  • Developing clairvoyance;
  • Appeasing the mind;
  • Cultivating faithfulness;
  • Strengthening bonds between individuals;
  • Favouring cooperation with your peers;
  • Bringing harmony to your relationships;
  • Stimulating memory for faster learning.

Physical Benefits of the Emerald Baroque Necklace

In terms of physical health, the emerald baroque necklace is effective in:

  • Stimulating the immune system;
  • Supporting a person in recovery;
  • Protecting the spine;
  • Alleviating joint pain;
  • Stimulating metabolism;
  • Soothing digestive disorders.

Astrological Signs Associated with the Emerald Baroque Necklace

The emerald baroque necklace resonates well with the natives of:

  • Libra
  • Capricorn
  • Taurus
  • Cancer

Chakra Corresponding to the Emerald Baroque Necklace

  • Emerald opens the Heart chakra. It encourages you to make new acquaintances, to create bonds, to share special moments with your loved ones and even to fall in love.

Maintenance of the Emerald Baroque Necklace

  • As a precious stone, emerald should be handled with care. Do not drop or scratch it.
  • Emerald can be recharged in direct sunlight on a bed of quartz or amethyst. It must be left to rest for at least 4 hours.
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Weight 20 g
Length Necklace

Without Clasp



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