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Light-Grey Diamond Necklace - Baroque - Minerals Kingdom

Light-Grey Diamond Necklace – Baroque

Light-Grey Diamond Necklace – Baroque


  • Brand: Minerals Kingdom
  • Type of jewellery: Necklace
  • Type of stone: Light-grey diamond
  • Length: 40 cm
  • Unique and non-modifiable
  • Clasp and wire type:
    • 925 Silver Clasp – Steel wire
    • 14 Carat Gold Clasp – Copper wire
  • Type of clasp and thread:

– Without clasp – Fabric thread


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Light-Grey Diamond Necklace – Baroque

Description of the Light-Grey Diamond Baroque Necklace

Three thousand years ago, some Indian children discovered some glittering pebbles at the bottom of a river. These beautiful stones immediately seduced them. Without waiting, they brought several pieces back to their village. Indians called this stone “fruit of the stars” as they have never seen such a robust and beautiful stone. However, diamond’s name originates from the Greek word “adamas”, which means “invincible”. The name refers to its extraordinary hardness and its protective virtues.

In Antiquity, diamond’s fame reached countries near the Mediterranean Sea. Egyptians, Greeks and Romans also fell in love with this rare stone. Convinced that it was a powerful protective amulet, they wore diamond around their neck to ward off bad luck. People also believed that diamond powder could protect from poisoning. Besides, many Asian religions (Taoist, Buddhist, Hindu, etc.) use diamond as a part of their religious rituals. In the 11th century, goldsmiths were finally able to make a clean cut of this precious stone. This allowed them to use diamond in jewellery.

In the 18th century, after years of experimentation, researchers discovered this stone’s chemical formula. They finally realised that it contained 10 carbon and 16 hydrogen atoms. Even if its composition remains unchanged, diamonds can display several colours: pink, yellow or, in rare cases, grey.

Lithotherapeutic Properties of the Light-Grey Diamond Baroque Necklace

Psychological Benefits of the Light-Grey Diamond Baroque Necklace

Light-grey diamond removes fears and worries. Besides, it restores self-confidence and provides courage to its wearer. As a powerful stimulant, it fights against stress and allows you to overcome difficult situations. Thanks to its connection with the Crown chakra, this stone also helps you to reconnect with yourself and to reach a higher state of consciousness.

Physical Benefits of the Light-Grey Diamond Baroque Necklace

  • Grey diamonds strengthen the immune system, consequently fighting against diseases. In addition, they promote strength, vitality, and longevity. This stone also accelerates the healing process, which helps you to recover faster from injuries.

Astrological Signs Associated With the Light-Grey Diamond Baroque Necklace

  • Grey diamond is beneficial for Aries natives by providing them the strength to pursue their goals. This stone also has healing virtues for both the soul and the body.

Chakras Corresponding to the Light-Grey Diamond Baroque Necklace

Grey diamond resonates with the seventh chakra: the Crown chakra. It therefore allows you to channel cosmic forces and connect with the universe.

Maintenance of the Light-Grey Diamond Baroque Necklace

  • Are you convinced by the lithotherapeutic properties of grey diamond? Buying this light-grey diamond baroque necklace is therefore a good decision. Nevertheless, you should regularly maintain your necklace to enjoy its virtues.
  • To purify light-grey diamond, simply soak the necklace in distilled and salted water for 12 to 24 hours. As diamond is rather resistant, it does not need to be recharged.
Additional information
Weight 20 g
Length Necklace

Without Clasp


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