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Rock Crystal Necklace – Baroque – Minerals Kingdom

Rock Crystal Necklace – Baroque

Rock Crystal Necklace – Baroque


  • Brand: Minerals Kingdom
  • Type of jewellery: Necklace
  • Type of stone: Rock crystal
  • Type of bead: Baroque
  • Non resizable

Clasp and wire type:

  • Steel clasp – Fabric wire (for 45 cm and 60 cm in length).
  • Without clasp – Fabric wire (for 90 cm in length).

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Rock Crystal Necklace – Shape: Baroque

Description of the Rock Crystal Baroque Necklace

For a long time, rock crystal had been confused with diamond. However, it is a very different stone and way cheaper. Throughout the Middle Ages, and even today, rock crystal has been used for fashioning crystal balls that are believed to predict the future. In lithotherapy, the stone can purify the environment and the magnetic field around its wearer. It keeps bad energy away so that you can thrive and avoid conflicts. Long before the current era, rock crystal was already a popular stone, especially among the Greeks. They used to carve and engrave directly onto rock crystal. Some examples of these artworks can be seen in the Athens Museum and the Louvre. Although it may appear fragile, rock crystal has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. This means that it can withstand minor shocks and last over time. The beauty of rock crystal is certainly its incredible transparency.

Rock crystal symbolises purity. Catholic priests often wore it as a symbol of their devotion to God. For Indians, this stone is a diamond foetus. If it is treated well and allowed to grow, it will turn into a diamond. The richest Indians would acquire this gemstone and pass them on to their children so that they could have a chance to see the phenomenon happen. In France, more particularly in the Alps, we are lucky to find a few rock crystal deposits. By choosing the rock crystal baroque necklace, you have the opportunity to enjoy an authentic French-quality jewellery.

Lithotherapeutic Properties of the Rock Crystal Baroque Necklace

Psychological Benefits of the Rock Crystal Baroque Necklace

Psychologically, rock crystal is believed to:

  • Purify the aura,
  • Promote concentration,
  • Cleanse its surroundings,
  • Bring order to your mind,
  • Encourage meditation.

Physical Benefits of the Rock Crystal Baroque Necklace

Rock crystal also abounds with physical benefits. It is well known to:

  • Purify the organs,
  • Help to eliminate toxins,
  • Regulate the nervous system,
  • Relieve stomach ache,
  • Dissipate physical signs of stress,
  • Diffuse energy throughout the body.

Astrological Signs Associated with the Rock Crystal Baroque Necklace

  • All astrological signs are receptive to the vibrations of the rock crystal baroque necklace.

Chakra Corresponding to the Rock Crystal Baroque Necklace

  • Rock crystal works on the Crown chakra, the highest point of the human body. This chakra is directly connected to your nervous system and your unconscious mind.

Maintenance of the Rock Crystal Baroque Necklace

  • The rock crystal baroque necklace can be recharged in the sunlight or moonlight. Experiment with both alternatives and then choose the one that suits you best.
Additional information
Weight 20 g
Length Necklace

Without Clasp

Type of stone

Astrological sign

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