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I. Orders

Why is my order/package tracking number invalid?

Wondering where your order is? Orders are shipped every day at 3:30 p.m. from our warehouses and depending on the transportation mean you have selected, the tracking number may appear on the La Poste website after 24/48h, or even 72h if the postal agents are late. The “invalid” tracking number is a frequent case on tracked letters, even though the orders are already on their way and in the sorting centre.

Why is my order/package not yet delivered?

Depending the chosen transportation means and after 48 hours of manufacture, here are the deadlines indicated by La Poste :
In metropolitan France : Chronopost : 24h Colissimo : 48h Tracked letter: 48h (this is an indicative time frame for La Poste) Internationally : Chronopost: 2 to 4 days Colissimo: 2 to 7 days Tracked followed: 4 to 9 days If you are waiting for your order and it hasn’t reached you yet, it is on its way and will be shortly delivered.

How do i cancel my order?

In order to deliver you as quickly as possible, we have reduced our package preparation and dispatch times to a minimum. Therefore, it is not possible to modify or cancel your order. However, if you change your mind, you can send it back to us, at your expense, by Colissimo to the following address :
Minerals Kingdoms

I placed an order paid via bank transfer; is it shipped?

We track orders paid via bank transfer on a daily basis. For confirmation, we invite you to send us an email indicating your payment method and your order number to

My order is not delivered, how do i make a claim ?

The delivery time of your order might be abnormally long (a case that happens from time to time on tracked letters). If this is the case, we invite you to file a Claim by clicking on this link.Once made, we invite you to send us the copy of the document you received by email, by emailing it at with the following subject: Minerals Kingdoms – Copy of the Claim La Poste.

Impossible to place an order, my basket is systematically emptied, what can i do ?

You add items in your basket and you encounter a browser problem because the basket empties! Indeed, this happens very rarely on Safari or Mozilla Firefox browsers. To solve this problem, we invite you to : Change your browser using Google Chrome If the problem persists after changing browsers, we invite you to contact us directly at and tell us about your problem and the browser you used.

II. Products

Why are the items/products i ordered different from the photos on the site ?

The photos on the site are for illustration purposes only and we try to select the most similar products. Each stone being unique, they are subject to variations depending on the deposits and places in the world where they are extracted, which in no way detracts from their quality.

Which bracelet size should i order for my wrist size ?

The best way is to measure your wrist size and add 1 cm. For example my wrist measures 17 cm, so I order a 18 cm (17cm+1cm) bracelet. If your wrist size does not correspond to a Minerals Kingdoms standard, you order the upper wrist size in our standards and you specify in the NOTE box, at the time of payment, the size you want. For example my wrist measures 15 cm, I order a 18 cm bracelet and I specify in the NOTE box that my wrist size is 15 cm and that I want a custom-made bracelet.

Can i ask for a custom-made bracelet or necklace ?

If you want a bracelet or a necklace with one stone and in a different length than those proposed, you order the bracelet or necklace of a larger size and you specify in the NOTE box, at the time of payment, the size you want. If you want a bracelet or necklace with several different stones and in non-standard sizes, contact us directly at and we will make you a customized offer.

I am looking for a particular virtue, which stone would suit me ?

Here is our entire section dedicated to the virtues and properties associated with stones, discover our guide to stones.

which stones are associated with my astrological sign ?

Here is our entire section dedicated to stones and their associations with astrological signs.

Which stones should i use to harmonize/balance the chakras ?

Here is our entire section dedicated to stones and their associations to the chakras.

Are the stones 100% natural and authentic ?

We offer more than 7,000 different references and have more than 99.9% of products made of entirely natural stones. The only exceptions are a few items in 3 stones that we offer out of the 83 different stones that we sell : Citrine: either 100% natural from Congo, or heated for some exceptions. Opal: either 100% natural or reconstituted.Turquoise: 100% natural and stabilised. For any further information, please contact us directly at

My item is defective. how can i exchange or get my money back ?

If your product/item is defective or damaged, we invite you to take a picture of it and send it to us at . As soon as we receive it, we will contact you to let you know how to exchange your product or get a refund.

Why did i receive a chipped/damaged stone ?

Depending on stone type (example: black tourmaline), the stones are not chipped or damaged. They have natural inclusions. The term inclusion is used in gemology to describe certain characteristics of a precious stone (gemstone) related in particular to its purity or clarity. The virtues are no less important on stones with inclusions, the stone being purer and unmodified by humans.

I would like to return my items/products, what should i do ?

If you have ordered standard products and you wish to return your items within 14 days of placing your order, you must return them to the following address :
Minerals Kingdoms
If you have ordered custom-made or non-standard products, we will unfortunately not be able to take them back, see Article 8 “Right of withdrawal and refund” of our General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Chow do i purify my stones ?

To purify your bracelet, necklace, pendant or other jewelry with a metal alloy, nothing could be simpler. You just have to put them directly under a drizzle of tap water for 3 minutes then you wipe them well carefully so as not to damage them. The frequency should be maximum once a week, but at the risk of a wear of the assembly more accelerated than the average.
To purify all other stones, whether rolled stone, rough stone or other forms, without metal alloy, you can let them rest in water for 2 to 3 hours, then wipe them. For more information, click here to discover the dedicated page.
To find out more about matches, you can also consult the purification and recharge table.

How do i recharge my stones ?

To recharge your stones, you can place them directly under the sun or under the moon depending on the type of the stone. In addition, you can also place your stones on a quartz heap, which will only strengthen and multiply the recharge effects. For more information, click here to discover the dedicated page.
To learn more about matches, you can also consult the purification and recharge table.

My stones are broken and i want an exchange/a credit note, how do i proceed?

Unfortunately, it rarely happens that you may receive your order in bad condition, or even broken. If this is the case, we invite you to contact us at and send us a photo of the broken product within 14 days.
After confirmation from us by email, you will be able to return the products to the following address for exchange or refund :
Minerals Kingdoms

What are the origin and quality of the stones ?

It all depends on the item’s models, the different products, and the periods. The origin and quality of the stones vary according to the suppliers and the stone types. Our stones come from the 4 corners of the world and in qualities varying between A and AAA. For detailed information about a particular item, you can contact us directly at .

Why didn’t i receive an authenticity certificate ?

We do not currently issue an authenticity certificate but have a perfect knowledge of our suppliers, right up to the extraction within the deposits. Our products are tested in our warehouses by our experts and supported by professional jeweller’s equipment.

Why did i receive fewer satin pouches than the number of items ordered ?

Depending on the nature of the items ordered, we offer you a certain number of satin pouches accordingly, and packaged to the size of the products that fill them. The most frequent case being on rolled stones, where we offer you 1 satin pouch for several rolled stones, all housed in a single pouch. If, however, you need the precise number to offer, do not hesitate to communicate it to us directly in the NOTE box of your basket.

Why don’t the thread(s) i ordered measure 40cm?

All our yarns are assembled at our suppliers in over 80 countries around the world. The length of the wires can fluctuate by more or less 10%, they are usually between 37 and 41cm.

III. Prices

I am looking for a wholesaler/supplier, do you have professional rates ?

Yes, find out more about our professional programme and the prices applied per basket level on our wholesale page.

I want to do dropshipping on my website. do you have a dedicated program ?

Yes, find out more about our dedicated dropshipper and e-tailer program and the rates on our dropshipping page

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