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Guide to Stones, Crystals and Minerals - Minerals Kingdoms

Guide of Stones, Crystals and Minerals

Choose your virtues and find the stone you need...

Whether physical, mental or emotional, find them all thanks to our guide: the minerals you need!

What our customers say

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are searching for a particular mineral.
  • “I’ve been regularly ordering at France Minéraux for 4 years now in my work as a therapist, and I’ve not once been disappointed!” Patrice Dominguez
  • “A very big thank you for the kindness of your team and your responsiveness. See you soon” Alexina Clavier
  • “I’ve rarely had the chance to see minerals, whether in the form of jewellery or artifacts, of such quality and at such an affordable price. It’s no wonder that France Minéraux is the standard." Stéphane Autier
  • “I bought a Lapis lazuli necklace from Minerals Kingdoms last week and I have to say that the stone is of very good quality. Excellent value for money, I recommend them to anyone.” Sophie Durand