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10cm Ammonite Pair – MCAMI10

10cm Ammonite Pair – MCAMI10


  • Brand: Minerals Kingdom
  • Type: Ammonite
  • Dimensions: ≈ Length 10cm x Width 11cm x Height 3cm
  • Weight: 630g
  • Origin: Madagascar

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Whether you are a professional or a private individual, opt for the 10cm Ammonite Pair MCAMI10

Description of the 10cm Ammonite Pair MCAMI10

Ammonite is very old, but we only know its origin since the 18th century. For many years it was confused with amber. After millions of years of research, we finally got to know all its secrets. Several legends surround the stone. The Greeks used to put it under their pillows to fight against sleep disorders, to protect themselves from erectile dysfunction and from snakes’ venom. It was thought in medieval era that ammonite was a petrified snake because of its appearance.

The British saw this as a miracle. According to them, Saint Hilda cut off the heads of all the snakes that dared to venture into the monastery. They then turned into ammonites. As a sign of clairvoyance, the seers always put one under their pillows in the hope of having visions. The Germans rather thought that the stone was able to ward off bad luck. Each people has its own interpretation. Universally, it is thought to be the symbol of perpetual movement and infinity. There are many deposits in the world. Minerals Kingdom therefore had no difficulty in getting hold of them and to offer them to you in a 10cm ammonite pair. Thanks to it, you will be able to take advantage of the stone’s various lithotherapeutic benefits, in any circumstance.

Lithotherapeutic Properties of the 10cm Ammonite Pair MCAMI10

Psychological Benefits of the Ammonite Pair

Psychologically speaking, the ammonite pair has been able to prove its effectiveness in terms of:

  • Fighting against sadness and mood disorders;
  • Sensation of stagnation;
  • Removing negative emotions to regain clarity;
  • Strengthening creativity and imagination;
  • Improving of physical capacity and endurance;
  • Facing difficult moments;
  • Regulating the metabolism to shorten convalescence in the event of a health problem.

Physical Benefits of the Ammonite Pair

Ammonite stone is capable of:

  • Strengthening the immune system;
  • Decreasing the pain associated with childbirth and menstruation;
  • Accelerating the healing process;
  • Fighting against fatigue by restoring vitality to the wearer;
  • Resolving digestive, pulmonary and ENT problems.

Astrological Signs Associated with the Ammonite Pair

  • Only Aquarius will have the chance to fully benefit from the lithotherapeutic virtues of ammonite. Depending on the sensitivity of the Aquarius, it can feel most of the above virtues. Other natives should rather invest in another stone that has affinities with them.

Chakras Corresponding to the Ammonite Pair

  • Ammonite acts on the Heart chakra. By putting it on your chest, you will be able to open yourself to the love of your loved ones and to express your feelings. In addition to that, you will strengthen your cardio-respiratory system to regain energy.

Maintenance of the Ammonite Pair

  • Ammonite needs to be cleaned regularly to get rid of the bad energies absorbed. It is therefore necessary to use incense or to put it in distilled water. Then, it must be recharged under the morning sun on a quartz cluster or an amethyst geode.
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