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Minerals Kingdoms is an online jewellery store that explores the power of natural stones and minerals to offer you exceptional ornamental creations. You will find in our lithotherapy shop a wide range of jewellery and items selected to meet all your needs. We strive to always offer you the best products and match our minerals, crystals and natural stones in order to protect the natural harmony that exists between them.

Among the precursors of lithotherapy in France, our mineral shop allows you to benefit from all its know-how through collections of jewellery and ornaments that subtly combine health and aesthetics. We sought, analysed and selected with the greatest care every stone that makes up our creations for their properties and appearance. Our passionate team makes handcrafted jewellery that they are proud to see you wear. We put forth positive vibrations while creating products that rebalance your body, mind and soul. We invite you to immerse yourself in the history of our mineral shop and experience something that will satisfy both your eyes and your soul.


If you are looking for a piece of decoration for one of its particular properties, we will be happy to assist you personally and make sure that you find exactly what you need. We strive to make our online lithotherapy shop a place of learning and sharing to guide you in your quest for relief and peace. From the protective power of the tiger’s eye or obsidian to the energizing power of citrine, our aim is to help you discover how each stone can help you reconnect with your inner strength while enticing your eyes with the splendor of our jewels. We carry our creativity to extremes, while making sure to personalize our offer by creating unique and tailor-made items. We are just a call, a Facebook message or an email away! Let us know your requests and answer your questions.


As a leader in its field in France, Minerals Kingdoms makes handcrafted natural stones jewellery and items and invites you to discover a wide range of raw minerals delicately resourced throughout the planet. We highlight the art of jewellery in all its forms by creating modern bracelets, necklaces, boxes and pendants to sublimate your outfit while retaining their lithotherapy properties. But our creations do much more than that. We transmit the virtues of natural stones to numerous everyday items which transmit their vibrations to the room in which you put them.

Thus, you can find in our lithotherapy shop terrestrial globes, eggs and spheres or clocks made of natural stone. Finally, we offer extremely elegant raw minerals, intended to influence a particular sphere of your physical or mental health. All the ornaments, minerals and natural stone items provided will help you to rebalance your vital energy by harmonizing your body, mind and soul. We have designed each of our pieces to respond effectively to a specific need, without ever skimping on aesthetics.

Building on a unique know-how and excellence in France, we make sure to create high quality ornaments that will amaze your senses. To better meet your requirements, we are always ready to adjust our pieces to ensure your full satisfaction. Thanks to Minerals Kingdoms lithotherapy shop you are guaranteed to receive creations that are faithful to our team’s unique know-how since their origin. From the deposit to you, our crystals, minerals and precious and semi-precious stones are treated with care and respect in order to enrich you with their benefits.


Perfectly powerful, natural stones and minerals help you master the strength of your intuition and reconnect with your mind. The stones available in our lithotherapy shop will meet all your needs. Rock crystal will enlighten your perception and promote your clairvoyance, while quartz will develop your benevolent feelings to let love into your life. Whether you wear them as jewellery, keep them under your pillow or carry them in your pocket, these precious or semi-precious stones will surround you with positive thoughts and events.

Depending on your zodiac sign, you will have more affinity with the stones associated with your birth constellation than with others. Much more than a mere representation of your zodiac sign, your Zodiac stones receive and store the energies of your constellations and increase the influence of your Zodiac on your destiny. Each of the twelve signs of the zodiac is connected to very special minerals and natural stones that enable it to reach its full potential.

Your astral stones reinforce the influence of your Zodiac and direct your destiny towards your goal. Learn more about the stones and minerals that correspond to your zodiac sign in the sections of our lithotherapy shop and choose those with which you feel the strongest connection. Your desired colour (blue, red, green, white, black, pink…) is also of great importance, since each sign has corresponding colours which are related to your chakras (heart, root, lumber, etc.).


Minerals Kingdoms’online lithotherapy shop reveals to you the properties of natural stones and minerals to help you rebalance your energies and to carry their effects on them. For thousands of years, ancient civilizations have used the vibrations of stones to overcome mental, physical and spiritual blockages, thus maintaining balance and harmony between body, soul and spirit. Natural stones and minerals have properties and vibrations that influence your chakras. Every person has energy centres (chakras) that are associated with different physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states. When they are aligned and working properly, they generate peace and harmony in your body, mind and soul. However, they can be disrupted, blocked or unbalanced and can lead to dysfunctions and health disorders.

Sometimes known by different names, precious and semi-precious stones help you restore harmony and balance your chakras and put them back on the track of well-being. They bring you a comforting serenity and reinforce your health and vitality by directly targeting your energy centres. This influence is related to the chemical composition, colour and shape of the stones offered in our mineral shop. Some have calming and protective properties while others are stimulating and fortifying. The simple fact of carrying the stones allows you to benefit from all their virtues.

By browsing through the sections of our lithotherapy shop, you will discover which stones and minerals are recommended for the eight main chakras and how their lithotherapy application allows you to obtain effective results. There are several ways to benefit from the properties of your stones. You can apply them directly to your chakra points from your Root Chakra to your Crown Chakra, or you can focus on a particular point to treat a specific problem. So, if you want to work on your blockages, you can place your corresponding stones on your Crown Chakra to release your positive thoughts. While you are doing your lithotherapy session, focus on your breathing and imagine that a positive flow is invading you with every breath you take.


Your natural stones and minerals must be rigorously maintained in order to preserve their properties. When you wear them, they absorb and store negative energies and lose the power of their virtues. You must therefore regularly take care of your stones and minerals to free them from all negative energy and prevent them from spreading it around you. When you receive your stones from our lithotherapy shop, make sure to properly purify them to evacuate the negative influences they have accumulated from the deposit to you. In the same way, proceed to the purification of your stones after using them during a healing session and periodically when you carry them or put them in a room.

You can purify the stones and minerals from our lithotherapy shop in various ways. If your stone or mineral is water resistant, you can immerse it in a container filled with water, preferably distilled water, for a minimum of 5 hours in order to discharge its negative energies. It is also possible to add salt to your container to reduce the waiting time to 2 or 3 hours. Finally, among the most common means, purification with salt is the fastest and acts in exactly one hour. This is the quickest and most efficient means. This time, you plunge your piece of decoration directly into salt. Although practical, this method can damage your stones if their hardness index is less than 6.

There are other purification methods, less used, which are perfectly suitable for stones of lower hardness. Clay purification involves submerging your stones in a mixture of water and clay and then allowing the mixture to dry. Then all that is left to do is rinse it. This process is a substitute for the soil purification technique, which means burying your mineral in the ground to let it recharge for more than 24 hours. This technique is particularly appropriate when you are going through a period full of negative events and feelings. You can also purify your stones by placing them in the smoke of the incense that you burn, the smoke symbolizing all the negative charge that flies away.

Finally, your stones can be purified by using symbols and sound. The use of symbols, especially those of Reiki, generates the transfer of your own vitality and should therefore be used with care. The second is particularly suitable for those moments when you are in a hurry. It consists of placing your stones in a Tibetan bowl and making it sing. When you purify the stones of your ornaments, make sure that the wires and clasps are not damaged, as they are made of materials having low resistance to water, salt and heat.

Once your stones are purified, you must then recharge them to restore their full power. To do so, expose it to direct sunlight for 1 to 2 hours or to the moonlight for a whole night. Flames can also be placed under the stone, at a certain distance, to allow them transmit their vibrations. There are other recharging methods, but those two are proven and are more than enough to give back to your stones their entire natural energy.

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