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Amazonite Necklace – 6 mm Bead

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  • Brand: Minerals Kingdoms
  • Type: Necklace
  • Type of Stone: Amazonite
  • Type of pearl: Beads
  • Bead Size: 6mm

Type of clasp and thread:

  • Silver Clasp 925 – Steel Thread
  • 14-carat Gold Clasp – Copper Thread
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Amazonite Necklace made of 6 mm Beads

Description of the Amazonite Necklace made of 6 mm Beads

This beautiful Amazonite Necklace is offered to you by the team of Minerals Kingdoms. You can choose from 6 different sizes: 39 cm, 42 cm, 48 cm, 56 cm, 78 cm and 100 cm. Whatever your choice, know that your Amazonite Necklace will be made entirely by hand in France. If you choose the Short Necklace (39 cm), it will be made of about 60 Amazonite Beads. If you choose the Choker Necklace (42 cm), it will consist of about 66 Beads. As for the Princess Necklace (48 cm), it is made of about 80 Beads. The Sautoir Necklaec (56 cm) has about 94 Amazonite Beads. The Opera Necklace (78 cm) has about 131 Beads. Finally, the Long Necklace (100 cm) has about 168 Beads.

Whatever the length of Amazonite Necklace you choose, the quality will be impeccable. Each Necklace is mounted on either Silver or Gold Clasp. Sometimes you may want to adjust your order, or have specific dimensions. If this is the case, contact us directly and we will make for you a fully custom made Amazonite Necklace. To learn more about this beautiful natural stone, we invite you to discover the sections below to learn more about the Virtues, Zodiac Signs and corresponding Chakras.

Virtues of the Amazonite Necklace made of 6 mm Beads in lithotherapy

Virtues of the Amazonite Necklace in mental terms

  • Tenderness, sincerity of exchanges and softness are brought
  • Harmful thoughts are dismissed
  • Concerns on the emotional plane are removed
  • Frustration and understanding of feelings are brought
  • Perceptions of emotional sincerity set in.
  • Serenity is Placed.

Virtues of the Amazonite Necklace on the physical level

  • The Prevent against sadness is helped
  • Kidney, cholesterol, liver and triglyceride disorders are relieved
  • The Prevent against osteoporosis and caries is promoted
  • Cramps are relieved
  • Strong emotions and sexual deficiencies are regulated
  • Lymphatic, respiratory and immune systems are strengthened
  • Skin infections, blisters and acne are calmed
  • Sexual dysfunctions
  • Electromagnetic, electrostatic and microwave waves are absorbed
  • Calcium absorption is promoted

Zodiac Signs corresponding to the Necklace Amazonite

  • Virgo
  • Pisces

Chakras corresponding to the Necklace Amazonite

  • Heart
  • Throat

Maintenance of the Amazonite Necklace made of 6 mm Beads

  • Amazonite is purified in undistilled salt water
  • It is recharged on a Quartz Mass (if possible) under direct sunlight
  • This stone needs very little purification. On the other hand, Amazonite very often needs to be recharged because it discharges very quickly
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Type of stone

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