Quartz Cluster - Frmine028- Minerals Kingdoms

Quartz Cluster – Frmine028

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  • Brand: Minerals Kingdoms
  • Type: Raw Stone
  • Type of Stone: Quartz
  • Quartz Cluster Size: L. 11 cm x l. 7 cm x H. 4,5 cm
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Are you an individual or therapist? The “Frmine028” Quartz Cluster is perfect for purifying your Stones, Crystals and Minerals

Description of the Frmine028

The Quartz Cluster Frmine028 is a unique piece and is perfect for purifying and refilling small size jewellery, whether it is Pendants, Bracelets or natural Stone Necklaces. It is also perfectly effective to strengthen all types of natural objects. The Quartz Cluster has all the necessary Virtues to strengthen the properties of other Crystals and Minerals due to its multiple facets. The Frmine028 Quartz Cluster is not essential but is highly recommended if you regularly use Crystals and Minerals.

How to use the Frmine028 Quartz Cluster?


If you want to purify small Stones, Crystals and Minerals, then the Frmine028 Quartz Cluster is perfectly suited to your needs. Simply pass them under a stream of water (or other methods of purification of Stones) if they are jewellery so that the frames do not oxidize, or leave them in a bath for a few hours if they are Stones or Raw objects. Once this is done, simply dry them gently with a cloth.

Recharging thanks to the Quartz Cluster

You have just purified your Stones, so it is now that the Frmine028 Quartz Cluster will be useful to you. Place your Pendants, jewellery and other natural Stones on the Quartz Cluster and position it under the rays of the sun or Moon depending on the type of Minerals to recharge. Thanks to this, the Virtues of your mineral will be strongly reinforced, increased tenfold and fully recharged. If you need advice, contact us directly and we will be happy to answer you.

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