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Quartz Cluster – Medium Size

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  • Brand: Minerals Kingdom
  • Type: Rough stone
  • Type of stone: Quartz
  • Dimensions: L. 5 cm x W. 5 cm x H. 5 cm
  • Weight: 250-500 g
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Whether you are a professional or a private individual, this medium quartz cluster is recommended to purify and recharge your crystals and minerals.

Description of the Medium Quartz Cluster

Quartz, also known as rock crystal, is found in most of the geographical areas of the Earth. Throughout the centuries, civilisations invented myths and beliefs about this mineral. For instance, the Greeks thought that quartz was a piece of ice that could never melt. The Indians also believed that it was a diamond embryo that would turn into a real diamond in few years. Moreover, the Amerindians gave offerings and food to this stone. The Japanese, for their part, had a peculiar myth about quartz. According to them, quartz awakened once every century to breathe. Every Japanese was therefore looking to be in the right place, at the right time to observe this phenomenon. Other peoples, such as the Egyptians, associated quartz with the death of a loved one. Indeed, quartz was used during the Egyptian funeral rite for the deceased to safely travel to the other world.

Even though these beliefs gradually faded away, quartz is still appreciated. In fact, jewellers used it to create numerous types of jewellery. Besides, its virtues made this stone widely popular in lithotherapy. Furthermore, it should be noted that quartz also plays a part in the manufacture of some electronic devices like smartphones, computers and television sets.

Lithotherapeutic Properties of the Medium Quartz Cluster

Psychological Benefits of the Quartz Cluster

The quartz cluster is particularly able to:

  • Protect from negative energies;
  • Encourage meditation and spiritual awakening;
  • Open the mind and promote tolerance;
  • Enhance clairvoyance, perseverance and motivation.

Physical Benefits of the Quartz Cluster

  • Physically, the quartz cluster is renowned for:
  • Eliminating toxins, consequently purifying the digestive and renal systems;
  • Treating skin disorders;
  • Improving memory;
  • Reducing sleep disorders;
  • Helping to overcome addictions;
  • Regulating blood circulation;
  • Relieving headaches.

Astrological Signs Associated with the Quartz Cluster

  • The quartz cluster is beneficial for all the zodiac signs.

Chakra Corresponding to the Quartz Cluster

  • Quartz is associated with the Crown chakra. During a lithotherapy session, if you place this stone at the top of your skull, you will be able to connect with the universe and reach higher states of consciousness.

Maintenance of the Quartz Cluster

Quartz is quite sensitive and will require regular maintenance. It should be immersed in distilled water at least once a week and dried in daylight.

Weight 400 g

Type of stone

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