Amazonite Tumbled Stone- Minerals Kingdoms

Amazonite Tumbled Stone

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  • Brand: Minerals Kingdoms
  • Type: Tumbled Stone
  • Type of Stone: Amazonite
  • Tumbled Stone size: between 2 cm and 5 cm
  • Note: Sold individually
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Are you an individual or professional? Discover the Amazonite Tumbled Stones

Description of the Amazonite Tumbled Stone

The name of the Amazonite Tumbled Stone Amazonite Tumbled Stone comes from its origin. Indeed, this Stone was first discovered in the Amazon River. It has been used a lot over the years for its various Virtues but also for jewellery. Individuals and professionals who create and decorate jewellery will particularly appreciate the use of this Stone.

The Egyptians used this Stone in jewellery. In Mesopotamia, the Amazonite Tumbled Stone was dedicated to Tiamat; the goddess of the oceans and salt waters. As for the Babylonians, they considered that this Stone reoffered the origin of everything. The Greeks gave Amazonite Stone protective properties and used it on their shields.

To obtain Amazonite Stone, you must go to South Africa, the United States, Brazil, Austria, Canada, Finland, Russia, Ethiopia and India. Amazonite Stone is linked to several traditions in Cambodia, Greece, Japan, Islam and Celtic countries. The Amazonite Tumbled Stone is also known for its many properties in Lithotherapy on both the mental and physical levels.

Properties of Amazonite Tumbled Stone in Lithotherapy

Properties of Amazonite Tumbled Stone in Lithotherapy

  • Many properties are attributed to the Amazonite Tumbled Stone in Lithotherapy. Indeed, this Stone favours tenderness, the perception of sentimental sincerity, gentleness and serenity. Also, this Stone Reduces worries, frustration and negative thoughts.

Physical properties of Tumbled Stone in Lithotherapy

  • Many properties are allocated to the Amazonite Tumbled Stone Physical in Litho Therapy. It helps to strengthen the immune system, the respiratory system and the lymphatic system. It also plays a major role in relieving cramps. In addition, it regulates sexual deficiencies.

Zodiac Signs corresponding to the Amazonite Tumbled Stone

  • Tumbled Stone Amazonite corresponds to the following Zodiac Signs: the Virgo and Pisces.

Chakra corresponding to the Amazonite Tumbled Stone

  • The Chakras that correspond to the Amazonite Stone are: the Heart Chakra and the Throat Chakra.

Amazonite Tumbled Stone maintenance

  • Unsalted distilled water purifies the Amazonite Tumbled Stone. All you have to do is Submerge it in. Exposure to the sun allows the Amazonite Stone to be recharged; preferably when it is placed on a Quartz Mass.
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