Agate Sphere – 40 mm – Minerals Kingdom

Agate Sphere – 40 mm

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  • Brand: Minerals Kingdom
  • Type of jewellery: Sphere
  • Type of stone: Agate
  • Size: 40 mm
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Agate Sphere – 40 mm

Description of the 40 mm Agate Sphere

Agate owes its name to a Sicilian river called “achates”, known today as Dirillo, where it was found in abundance. This gemstone is composed of different colours, originating from its silica content that comes from volcanic lava. It displays white, red, blue, grey, brown and even black colours. Formed by a multitude of agglomerated crypto-crystals, this stone consists of successive layers of chalcedony, each layer having its own thickness and colour. Therefore, hundreds of different kinds of agates with different shapes and colours can be found. The stone is available in a sphere shape.

The beauty and longevity of agate stone have made it coveted for thousands of years. In ancient Egypt it was utilised as an ornament and for making matches and containers. The Romans appreciated this stone for its medicinal virtues. Agate has served for a long time as a talisman to relieve suffering such as thirst or rise in temperature. Agate was used for decorating the princely cups in Europe. It is utilised as a component for making stained-glass windows, vases, jewellery…

Lithotherapeutic Properties of the Agate Sphere

Psychological Benefits of the Agate Sphere

  • The 40 mm agate sphere provides calm and emotional stability. It gently acts on your psychological balance and stabilises your energy. Agate repels uncontrolled fears, cultivates self-confidence and gives courage in difficult situations.

Physical Benefits of the Agate Sphere

  • The agate sphere relieves digestive disorders, stomach aches, injuries and sleep disturbances. It helps to fight against daily discomforts. Agate effectively works on pregnant women and promotes breastfeeding. Additionally, it alleviates troubles associated with the cessation of the menstrual period.

Astrological Sign Associated with the Agate Sphere

  • The 40 mm agate sphere perfectly suits the natives of Libra.

Chakra Corresponding to the Agate Sphere

  • The 40 mm agate sphere resonates with the Frontal chakra on which it has a beneficial influence. It improves foresight and enables to channel emotions.

Maintenance of the Agate Sphere

  • The agate sphere must be purified after each use. For this, immerse it in salted water. To recharge the stone, leave it in direct sunlight placed on a quartz cluster.
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