Rock Crystal Sphere - 40 mm - Minerals Kingdom
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Rock crystal sphere – 40 mm

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  • Brand: Minerals Kingdom
  • Type: Sphere
  • Type of stone: Rock Crystal
  • Size: 40 mm
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Whether you are a professional or a private individual, choose the 40 mm rock crystal sphere.

Description of the 40 mm Rock Crystal Sphere

Rock crystal is a colourless stone composed of silicon dioxide belonging to the quartz family. More precisely, it is the purest form of quartz. Rock crystal is a very famous stone which is common throughout the world. Its most important deposits have been discovered in Brazil, Arkansas, Madagascar, and the Alps. With its glassy appearance, this 40 mm rock crystal sphere is a perfect item for interior decoration.

This stone was used in the 10th century B.C., mainly by the Egyptians who made ewers decorated with rock crystal stones. As for the Romans, they used it in jewellery. During the Renaissance period, beautiful bowls and vases were made from rock crystal in famous workshops in Florence and Milan. In fact, rock crystal seduces by its simplicity and purity. Thanks to its numerous lithotherapeutic properties, this 40 mm rock crystal sphere will accompany you in any situation throughout your life.

Lithotherapeutic Properties of the 40 mm Rock Crystal Sphere

Psychological Benefits of the Rock Crystal Sphere

  • On the mental level, this 40 mm rock crystal sphere helps to absorb negative energies. It reduces stress and unnecessary fears.
  • It sharpens concentration and develops inner peace. Therefore, it allows its wearer to reach an important level of meditation and helps to fight against energy blockages.
  • Rock crystal helps to develop imagination and creativity. It also promotes foresight and intuition. By bringing light and purity, it helps in the practice of clairvoyance.
  • Moreover, rock crystal helps to stabilise the vibratory rate and amplifies the surrounding energies.

Physical Benefits of the Rock Crystal Sphere

  • On the physical level, the 40 mm rock crystal sphere helps to develop the body’s energy reserves.
  • Rock crystal strengthens the nervous system.
  • It also has beneficial effects on the digestive and respiratory system.

Astrological Signs Associated with the Rock Crystal Sphere

  • All astrological signs can take full advantage of this unique stone. It is indeed one of the few stones capable of offering and sharing its virtues with all astrological signs. Therefore, whatever your sign, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of this 40 mm rock crystal sphere.

Chakras Corresponding to the Rock Crystal Sphere

  • This 40 mm rock crystal sphere is strongly linked with the Coronal chakra.

Maintenance of the Rock Crystal Sphere

  • It is important to regularly clean your 40 mm rock crystal sphere. To purify it, soak it in salted distilled water for several hours.
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