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How to Program Stones, Crystals and Minerals?

Programming a stone is not insignificant. Programming a rock crystal, for example, gives it a particular function, or a purpose in relation to a desired effect. Programming a stone allows you to direct its energy.

Stone Programming Method

To recharge your stone, place it on your third eye (between your eyes) and symbolise in your mind the function you want to give it. Then state it aloud to fully imbue it its purpose. The power of speech will anchor it in the symbolism you provide. As a general rule, the stones most used in programming are translucent or white stones (rock crystals, quartz, etc.) as they have a neutral energy. Conversely, coloured stones can be programmed but within the limits of their properties.

If you want to change the programming and give a new purpose to your stone, we invite you to purify your stone for at least a day (24 hours), later renewing the same method. Note: the programming of a stone is not essential and can be avoided. The stone itself has many properties and the energy it gives off is often sufficient.

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