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What methods can be used to purify stones?

Typically, distilled salt water is recommended for purification. This method of purification is the most common and widespread. However, it should be noted that some stones dislike water and are not compatible with this method. If you frequently wear a stone that is small, we recommend purifying it two to three times per week. For larger stones, one to two purifications per month is sufficient. In a therapeutic setting, we recommend that the user purifies it with each session. Faced with negative events, stones, crystals and minerals must be purified regularly.

The three most commonly used purification methods.

Purification in water

Simply immerse your stone in a body of water for five hours. Make sure to check whether your stone is water-compatible.

Purification in distilled salt water

This method involves immersing the stone in distilled salt water for two or three hours. Before using this method, make sure that your stone is compatible with water and salt.

Salt purification

This method involves immersing the stone in a salt bath for one hour. However, take note of the stone’s hardness as this method can be aggressive for some. Look carefully at whether the stone’s hardness index is greater than or equal to six.

purification des pierres, cristaux et minéraux

Attention: regardless of the method that you use, we recommend that you throw away the water after use, preferably outside. remember, the water will be negatively charged. it is advised to keep your distance.

Other purification methods.

Purification by symbols.

This method consists of using known and recognised purification symbols, particularly in Reiki. However, it is better to use them with caution and when only when necessary as they use one’s vital energy. It would be unfortunate to lose all of your energy to purify this stone. If you can use an alternative method above, we encourage you to do so.

Purification by burying in the ground.

This method is the most drastic and effective of all. It requires burying the stone for a full day in an environment that you know to be positive. This method is used for very damaged stones to give them a second life. Some stones can be very negatively charged and require burial for several years. In exceptional cases for stones that are too damaged, it is best to leave them buried permanently.

Purification by incense.

Very simple, this method consists of passing the stone through the smoke of burning incense, eliminating negative energies. This method can be carried out regularly.

Clay purification.

This purification method is an alternative to burying the stone. Simply place it within a mixture of water and clay, and leave it to dry. This purification is very strong and is recommended once or twice a year depending on how much the stone has been used.

Sound purification.

This purification method is very strong and is to be used with moderation. It is recommended when you are pressed for time. It consists of placing the stone in the centre of a Tibetan bowl and ringing it. If you don’t have a Tibetan bowl, you can also ring a bell around the stone.

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