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Recharging Stones, Crystals and Minerals

It is vital to recharge stones and other minerals if you use them for their virtues. They gradually drain energy or otherwise charge with negative energy so it is vital to purify them beforehand and then recharge them. There are several ways to recharge them that you can discover below.

The three most commonly used recharging methods.

Recharging by sunlight or moonlight.

This method is the most well-known and the most used due to its simplicity. The natural energy of light is present wherever there is life whether day or night. Each stone may have a preference for a type of light, whether from a lunar or solar source. We invite you to check beforehand.

Recharging by quartz or crystalline clusters

Also well known, this method is often used in complement with the first. Many crystalline stones form in clusters or geodes. Among the most common are Rock Crystal or Amethyst, but also Agate, Celestine, etc. The energy created by a cluster or geode can have a strong impact on the type of stone you want to recharge. This is why it is often recommended to use a rock crystal cluster due to the neutrality of its properties. As such, it is not advisable to recharge a so-called ‘material’ stone in the form of an amethyst geode that has highly spiritual properties, as this would only exhaust it.

rechargement des pierres, cristaux et mineraux

Recharging by fire.

Heat from flames is a powerful source of energy. The flames have a double effect as they purify the stone at the same time. It is best to avoid passing the stones into the fire, at the risk of completely destroying certain varieties of stones. You can, however, recharge the stone by staying at a distance.

purification des pierres, cristaux et minéraux

Attention: regardless of the method that you use, we recommend that you throw away the water after use, preferably outside. remember, the water will be negatively charged. it is advised to keep your distance.

Other methods of recharging stones.

Recharging by waveform.

Just as we have seen previously with clusters and geodes that have high energy concentrations, waveforms can have a similar effect. If you have rock crystal objects, such as sticks or pyramids, you can arrange them around the stone to be recharged by pointing them at it. If they are pyramids, place a glass plate on them to increase the energy concentration.

Recharging by symbols.

Like the purification of stones, recharging can be done with symbols to channel the energy of the stones. However, this method also uses the beings own vital energy which can lead to energy loss. If you have the opportunity, do not hesitate to use an alternative method above.

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