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Stones and the Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)

Commonly called the crown chakra, Sahasrara is the place of spirituality and the most beautiful: our soul. It represents the understanding of life and at the same time the understanding of oneself. It is the place and the meeting point with the whole. Beyond the seventh chakra, it is the evolution of human consciousness, and is accessible through this door. As such, the conditioning and limits that we have learnt no longer exist, everything becomes possible (as in dreams and nightmares) and our consciousness is destructured to make way for the infinity of the seventh chakra: Sahasrara

This chakra also represents mysticisms, holy beings and initiates. Some may lose themselves in meanderings due to mental illness. This place represents absolute knowledge (Akashic records) and pure and perfect self-knowledge: wisdom, purity, soul awareness and connection with the world of the afterlife (guides, gods, the deceased, etc.). The gate of heaven opens to an infinite amount of pure and perfect knowledge. The most adept can project astrally and access the more subtle worlds through this chakra in any state of consciousness.
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What are the stones, crystals and minerals of the ‘I know’ Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)?

Title: Crown Chakra, Coronal Chakra, Sahasrara
Main colours: Violet, White
Location: Top of the skull (opens upwards)
Glands: Epiphysis (Pineal Glands)
Sense: Empathy (feeling what the person can experience deep within)
Note: B
Body areas: Brain, cranial crown, central nervous system
Principles: Higher Consciousness
Function: This chakra is responsible for harmonising and unifying all spiritual activities
Positive/Balance: total access to the unconscious, total access to the subconscious, fulfilment, happiness, openness to divine energy, perfect balance, decision-making
Negative/Imbalance: loss of happiness, indecision, headaches, psychological problems, endocrine system disorders.
In brief: The Crown Chakra is the place of soul and spirituality. It is at the heart of our consciousness and makes the connection with the universe and the afterlife

Seventh Chakra: Coronal, the Place of Spirituality

The Crown Chakra is also the realisation of the self, that is, our harmony with our spirituality centre, our psychic harmony with divine energy. This power can manifest in different ways: actions, thought, hearing. Cosmic energy is infinite and has no relation to religion, birth, death, or life. The Crown Chakra centralises all energies from the cosmos (sky) and interprets them so that it is in harmony with what we are so that our self can be realised.

As such, the Crown Chakra represents the whole and incorporates every part of our body, every person on our planet, and every element we know to unify towards the whole. The Crown Chakra spiritually lifts us and leads us to reflections that are beyond us, removing the notion of reflections since intangible. Perception becomes much clearer as if the long-awaited answers are revealed, an ascent to the light. However, the opening of the Crown Chakra can only be achieved if all the other chakras are perfectly harmonised.

Crown Chakra Health Effects

Once the Crown Chakra (the seventh chakra) is balanced, it allows one to lead with kindness, charity and wisdom, whilst maintaining the spiritual character of the person. The person listens to suffering souls and has the skills to be a great therapist. They are responsible, objective and naturally charismatic. Spiritually, the person will tend to practise their faith seriously and will have the desire to naturally unify with the whole. When the person is fully open at the level of the seventh chakra, they know their earthly mission and how to achieve it. Indeed, they will advance on their life path in light.

The Crown Chakra can be either open or closed, but it cannot expand or shrink. In most terrestrial cases, the Sahasrara Chakra is closed completely or nearly closed. Cultural backgrounds, dogmas to which we are subjected and the frameworks in which we have evolved do not allow us easy access to less tangible spheres, or completely intangible spheres. As soon as humans are asked questions about life, death, pre-life, and after-death, they are often paralysed with the fear that they may lose their grasp of reality upon knowing.

The greatest difficulty for human beings is to imagine something without a reference, without limit, in the abstract. For those who have this chakra open, they often consider it as the rain of heavenly light and knowledge. This knowledge can be hard to bear which is why this chakra is closed in most people. To understand this, let's take a concrete example. Imagine that you are taking a plane to go on holiday this morning, and that you already know that it will crash in a few minutes, plunging to the bottom of the ocean. Nothing is then possible to reverse this tragic and unbearable death for hundreds of people, no physical or psychological means can change the course of events. It is therefore very easy to understand that few people on this earth are able to understand, interpret and accept what the whole is and its consequences.

If we bring this terrible event back to its scale, it is a drop in the ocean in front of the greatness of the horrors that can be encountered in a country, on a continent, on the earth, in the galaxy, in the universe… Even on the scale of our planet, we live in a huge space on which we record daily horrors. We have the ability to send satellites, space stations, etc. but have never yet been able to go further than our galaxy, one of hundreds of millions of galaxies going back to the condensation of time 4.5 billion years ago: the Big Bang. By way of comparison, humans have as much difficulty analysing the tangible (science) as the intangible (the spiritual). The common mortal is unable to imagine the light from the Big Bang for billions of years or the astral light that we can tap into via the Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) A simple exercise for opening the Crown Chakra: look up to the sky under a starry night and try to position yourself in this infinite world. It will then be possible to feel ‘unified’ with the whole and simply feel good, in the present moment, no longer wanting to leave this moment, away from all human and material thoughts. It is very simple to do the same exercise by focusing on the atoms that make us up, their smallness. As Cartesian as it may be (to hide oneself from their ignorance and disturbances), the human cannot imagine the infinitely large and the infinitely small. At the beginning of the 21st century, the most advanced technologies that have been successfully developed and democratised in daily use are in the order of nanometres (10 -9). Indeed, units of magnitude, although understandable, are beyond us.

Thus, the Crown Chakra on health is the whole, it represents the light that delights the organs and gives access to the highest spheres (but be careful to manage them well) It is the highest level of elevation of consciousness, the culmination of enlightenment. Being connected to the pineal gland and with the spiritual guide, the Crown Chakra is not located on the physical body and is detached from the primary etheric body. Among Christians, it is represented by a halo just above the cranial summit. The Crown Chakra is an illustration of universal consciousness and the divine door. It connects with higher energy and brings the discovery of one’s personality, spirituality, the place of inspiration, wisdom and freedom.

Once the Crown Chakra, the seventh and last of the main chakras, is opened, the person is drawn to the occult and mystical teachings. They begin to perceive the auras of those around them, to feel the wonder at creation and reverence before the immensity of this beauty. Personal and inner development leads to universal reflections. Once it is completely opened, the Crown Chakra will function fully with the Frontal Chakra (third eye) to form the halo that can be seen symbolically around the head of saints.

When the latter is fully lived and balanced, the person is open to divine energy. They will have full access to the subconscious and the unconscious. If it is experienced excessively, then they will be frustrated and will have frequent headaches. Conversely, if the energy of the Crown Chakra is insufficient, the person will be indecisive in many situations and will lose their joy of life. Physically, this can lead to brain disease, psychological problems, endocrine system disorders and headaches.

The Crown Chakra and its matching stones and minerals

Purple/white stones and minerals for total access to the unconscious, the subconscious and the divine energy of the Crown Chakra: