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Stones and the Frontal chakra (Ajna)

Commonly called the frontal chakra or third eye chakra, Ajna means ‘command’ or ‘order’ in Sanskrit. This chakra is the centre of consciousness, where everything is controlled but at the same time where there is great inner calm that allows one to be retrospective. These observations give rise to judgements on all levels and areas: social, life, hopes, projections, etc.

If one fully lets go it becomes very easy to use the Frontal Chakra for inspiration and intuition. Listening to your inner voice allows you to live the ‘I am’ to the fullest and to take your place in life, always with the right balance. The centre of consciousness is where we lead our lives as we please, regulating our essential being by allowing ourselves to be guided on a daily basis by our intuitions of light and common sense.
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What are the stones, crystals and minerals of the ‘I see’ Frontal Chakra (Ajna)?

Title: Frontal Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Ajna
Main colours: Indigo blue, midnight blue, deep blue
Location: Between the eyebrows in the middle of the forehead (opens to the front)
Glands: Hypophysis (pituitary gland)
Sense: Intuition
Note: B
Body areas: brain, forehead, nose, ears, sinuses, neurological system, face, eyes
Principles: Knowledge of the Essence
Function: This chakra is linked to the transformation of human perceptions in order to develop a sense of reverence for life
Positive/Balance: inner calm, pure and perfect clarity, awareness of who you are, wholeness, creative inspiration, intuition and fairness, inner peace, tolerance, broad vision
Negative/Imbalance: arrogance, superiority complex, inferiority complex, confusion, overinflated ego, narrow-mindedness, fanaticism, illusions, deficient memory, mentalization, fears
In brief: The Third Eye Chakra, Ajna represents spiritual awakening, the experience of being, the ability to control, the ability to create, the development of intuitions, the development of memory, the development of extra-sensory abilities, world perception

Sixth chakra: Frontal, the centre of consciousness

Before the last of the main chakras, the Frontal Chakra Ajna aids us on the alignment of the body between the physical and the psychological in the upper sphere. Once one can see with their third eye, vision becomes much clearer on a path of light. Perceptions are much more subtle and far wider than we are used to. The unification between the inner and the outer is then essential, deviating from the human form, combining the tangible and the intangible, the top and the bottom, forming one.

The person is fully liberated of their certainties and beliefs, prejudices are removed and self-centeredness consciousness disappears. The centre of consciousness is then ready to access the last of the main chakras, the Crown Chakra. With a very high vibrational level, the Frontal Chakra lets the intelligence of the heart express itself. It helps one to go beyond beliefs and what we have been taught. It allows one to overcome anxieties and fears, opening up to hope and to the whole. It offers us free will from our desires, illuminating the path of light through the genius it embodies.

Frontal Chakra Health Effects

Sixth of the chakras, the Frontal Chakra or Third Eye chakra allows one to perceive on a subtler level when it is balanced. It offers knowledge through lucid intuition, with respect for others and discernment. Non-judgement and compassion for others is essential to the Frontal Chakra in order to stay within the light. Balanced, the Frontal Chakra allows one to live the moment to the fullest and develop extra-sensory abilities. When energies are fluid, the centre of consciousness offers its abilities to many. Its openness is such that it allows one to have a deep feeling of gratitude towards life.If the Frontal Chakra is impaired or poorly lived, the person will tend to disempower or victimise others. They will have problems with self-identity and asserting their ‘I am’, so that they will deny their inner nature. Their inability to distance themselves from their beliefs may lead to retreat, following others and letting themselves be driven for better or for worse.

One who has an impaired sixth chakra (Ajna) has a great need for belonging and can fall into bigoted, dogmatic tendencies. If Frontal Chakra energies are weakened, then the person will fall back to the mundane, leaving their spirituality aside. They will be conditioned in what they have learned and will not deviate from it. If, however, they venture on a spiritual quest, they must watch for evildoers that might benefit from their lack of lucidity.Conversely, if the third eye chakra is in excess, the person develops a superiority complex, which can lead to arrogance or contempt. They may also claim to have the whole truth without taking others’ opinions into account or the potential good that there may be in others’ beliefs. If Crown Chakra (Ajna) energies are in excess, the person may become fanatical and believe in prophetic ideas, with potential megalomania in the realms of faith and religion. In the mind, those in excess will analyse information to such an extent that they may get confused. They will fully reason at the risk of being paralysed in learned methods of reflection. They will dismiss all spiritual forms and intuitions in favour of lower astral realms.

The Frontal Chakra and its matching stones and minerals

Deep blue, indigo blue and midnight blue stones and minerals for letting go, intuition, clarity of ideas, concentration and unblocking of the frontal chakra:

Stones known to open and accompany the third eye chakra: