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Stones and the Root Chakra (Muladhara)

Commonly called the Root Chakra or the base chakra, Muladhara is found at the tail bone, between the anus and the genitals at the base of the spine. Physically, the Root Chakra represents the foundations of existence because of its location, of the will to live. It receives energy from the Earth: Kundalini, which supplies the human being with their life force.

This first chakra is directly related to the physical body. Its primary functions are to develop the physical body and to allow it to be fully expressed in the material world in which we live. The Root Chakra regulates and balances our primary needs as well as the survival impulses that embody us, namely: acquiring material goods, ensuring the survival of offspring, eating, protecting, reproducing, dressing.
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What are the stones, crystals and minerals of the ‘I am’ Root Chakra (Muladhara)?

Title: Root Chakra, Base Chakra, Muladhara
Main colours: Red, Black
Location: Coccyx, base of the spine (opens downwards)
Glands: Adrenal
Senss: Smell

Note: D
Body areas: Spinal column, coccyx, rectum, large intestine, skeleton (bone, nails, hair, teeth), prostate, anus, blood, cell structure, lower leg (feet, etc.), nose
Principles: Body awareness
Function: This chakra is linked to work, money, survival, physical security, willpower and vitality

Positive/Balance: anchoring, confidence, reliability, safety, feelings of abundance, stability, vitality. It is also the harmonious relationship with the mother, money and work
Negative/Disbalance: doubt, exhaustion, tiredness, insecurity, materialism, paralysis, fear, violence. It is also the inharmonious relationship with the mother, or colleagues.
In brief: The chakra of vitality and survival instincts, the first chakra represents the link to mother earth. It is a source of strength, courage, well-being but also stability. It is directly related to blood circulation.

First Chakra: Root, the Foundation of Life

Symbolically, the Root Chakra is at the very origin of the incarnation on earth and the anchoring to Mother Earth. It was the first to see consciousness manifest and fully manages cosmic and telluric energies. The capture of these energies allows us to positively influence the functioning of the organism, but also its proper integration into the environment in which it evolves, namely its social and material success.

The Root Chakra manages all beliefs, all the programming that influences us, all societal or family legacies, all notions related to one’s essential needs such as the need to be loved, to love, to have money, to have the right to exist, to take one’s place and to perceive all that we think is necessary.

Root Chakra Health Effects

The first of the chakras, the Root Chakra offers anchoring in the present moment, providing great vitality and self-confidence. When this chakra is balanced, it allows one to be in tune with themselves, to feel safe in an environment conducive to them. In the opposite case, fear and insecurity will take over, with an increasingly strong material instinct and nutritional cravings of red meat and dairy products. If the Root Chakra is fed in excess, it can then generate addictions and dependencies of all kinds: tobacco, alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, money, food, work, etc. At the same time, it can then generate behaviour related to a lack of generosity such as selfishness, anger, dominance, hyperactivity, vanity, etc.

For health, the consequences of over-sizing the Root Chakra can be severe. We will then see manifestations such as high blood pressure, heart episodes, accumulations of fatigue due to lack of sleep coupled with hyperactivity, excess cholesterol and weight and constipation. Indeed, blockages directly related to this chakra will block its energy and will reveal early symptoms such as lack of vitality and courage, laziness or lack of self-confidence, forgetfulness, imbalance or feelings of insecurity. If the person is not anchored to the Root Chakra, they will find themselves in a floating state and will disconnect from reality. They may also want to avoid reality leading to unpleasant situations.

Visually, the imbalance of the first chakra can manifest itself in blood circulation problems (varicose veins), joint pain, sleep problems, chronic fatigue, regular diarrhoea, as well as bone, back and teeth problems.

The Root Chakra and its matching stones and minerals

Red stones and minerals for vitality and unblocking of the Root Chakra :

Brown stones and minerals for grounding in reality:

Black stones and minerals for physical protection and anchoring :