Stones and the Throat Chakra (Vishuddha)

Commonly called the throat chakra or laryngeal chakra, Vishuddha means ‘purification’ in Sanskrit. This purification requires creation and communication which are closely linked when the ego of the being is exposed without protection. The purification brought by this chakra allows the being to become aware of what they are and to communicate with all aspects of creation whether verbal, auditory, etc. The communication chakra allows information to be exchanged and to create all types of relationships.

It allows one to express the love of the heart chakra and to establish the link with one’s surroundings. If the fourth chakra is the chakra of balance, the fifth chakra is the chakra of communication and speech. The energy conveyed by it will emit a special resonance that will burst forth in its surroundings.

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What are the stones, crystals and minerals of the ‘I speak’ Throat Chakra (Vishuddha)?

Title: Throat Chakra, Laryngeal Chakra, Vishuddha
Main colours: Light blue, blue with hints of green
Location: Between the larynx and the jugular fossa (opens to the front)
Glands: Thyroid, parathyroid
Sense: Hearing
Note: A
Body areas: voice, mouth, arms, bronchi, neck, shoulders, larynx, jaw, neck, oesophagus, ears, lungs, trachea, cervical vertebrae
Principles: Sound awareness, resonance of the essence
Function: This chakra represents communication on all levels: active listening, passive listening, and self-attentiveness, regardless of the plane. It symbolically represents communication with celestial bodies (invisible guides). This chakra is one that sings life aloud, releasing the creativity of the being and their insight
Positive/Balance: Clairaudience, coherence, self-attentiveness, listening to others, objectivity, respect for others, sincerity
Negative/Imbalance: fear, dogmatism, lack of self-confidence, lack of listening to others, lack of listening towards oneself, lack of sincerity, lying to others, lying to oneself, mythomania, fear of being abandoned, hypochondriac tendencies, shyness
In brief: The communication chakra, it promotes creativity, whether artistic, psychological or verbal. It manages all of our relationships with others

Fifth chakra: Communication, the power of language

The throat chakra is also associated with expression and listening. If it is balanced, communication can fully be established with the inner self. The being expresses themselves with sincerity about their feelings and their thoughts: remaining attentive to their intuition, their needs and what they want to strive towards. If this chakra is lived optimally, then the being will be in perfect harmony with the benefits of the universe, as well as the consciousness and benefits it embodies.

The path of experimentation will be much clearer and will illuminate all of one’s actions. The path of abundance will become clear. Each obstacle will be removed, allowing a new way of living for the being. Self-love becomes a necessity and allows one to let go enough to express and communicate the gratitude of one’s fate.

Throat Chakra Health Effects

When balanced the Throat Chakra (the fifth chakra) becomes the speaker of the inner self. It allows the being to fully express themselves in a written, artistic or verbal way (singing). Directly connected to the sense of hearing, the throat chakra allows us to listen attentively and respectfully both towards others, and ourselves. This listening is done in a natural way, as is the ease of communicating with others. If the throat chakra is balanced, blockages will be removed and the latter will have no obstacles, allowing the being to breathe fully. Their clairaudience then rises little by little and they become able to sense much more subtle messages from different planes, such as a breath or a tiny vibration. Vishuddha reveals our being in its sincere, authentic aspects, all in the joy of life of the fourth chakra and in total gratitude.

If the throat chakra is impaired, then there will be shyness and difficulty in communicating with others: speech problems, incoherent speech, loose ideas, babbling, difficulty in telling others thoughts for fear of being hurt or rejected, difficulty understanding others. These dysfunctions in the throat will then be reflected in a form of victimisation and will create a lack of confidence. One will avoid taking responsibility and will constantly need support at every step of the way, even in their most important life choices. If the energy of this chakra is lacking, then the person will no longer listen to themselves, only to others. They will no longer listen to their own body’s needs or the first symptoms of illness. This deficiency can show up physically: asthma, chronic angina, frequent bronchitis, diminution of hearing ability, inflammation of the tonsils or coughing.

Conversely, if the Vishuddha chakra is in excess, it can then create tendencies to want to talk constantly, to babble or to be unable to control themselves verbally. This can lead to dishonesty or tendencies to lie, whether towards others or oneself. It is often accompanied by gossiping. Physically, these excesses may be reflected in hypochondriac behaviour, creating diseases and other dysfunctions. The following symptoms may also be noted: sleep apnoea, hoarseness of the throat, snoring.

The throat chakra and its matching stones and minerals

Light blue stones and minerals for communication and intuition of the throat chakra:

Pink stones and minerals representing the Heart Chakra’s universal love:

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