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Stones and the Thymus Chakra

Commonly called the Karmic Heart Chakra, the Thymus brings feelings or the touch of the heart. It offers unconditional love, its energy containing love, joy and life. The Heart Chakra itself contains three essential hearts:

The Physical Heart: It is composed of its antechambers, its rooms, its doors and its overflowing love.

The Karmic Heart: It is managed by the thymus. It brings out all the past lives that have been chosen to be relived in one’s present life. This includes the karmic bonds with the heart.

The Spiritual Heart: It has been developing in humans for a few years. It occurs primarily in humans who continue their evolutionary path and tend to detach themselves for the fourth or fifth dimensions.

The higher the vibrational level rises in consciousness levels, the less the attraction to earthly matter has a hold on the being and the more the spiritual heart can take its place. If it manages to fully take its place, it harmonises with other hearts, that is, with the Karmic and the Physical. To achieve this, the Karmic Heart Chakra must be delivered from its negative memories: incarnation wounds, rejections, abandonments, misunderstandings, etc. As soon as these experiences are liberated, the spiritual heart can fully develop.
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What are the stones, crystals and minerals of the Karmic Heart Chakra? (Thymus)?

Title: Karmic Heart Chakra (Thymus)
Main colours: Turquoise
Location: At the Thymus, between the heart and the throat (opens to the front)
Glands: Thymus
Sense: The touch of the heart, feelings
Body areas: tonsils, small intestine, lungs, spleen, thymus, organic tissue
Principles: Karmic awareness
Function: This chakra is the bridge between the earth and the cosmos but in a much more subtle way. The function of the Thymus Chakra is to create feelings and to balance the link between material and spiritual energies
Positive/Balance: brings abundance, good spirits, compassion, understanding, creative expression, joy, inner peace, self-respect
Negative/Imbalance: respiratory allergies, skin allergies, digestive allergies, anorexia, immune system dysfunction, lack of self-confidence, lack of happiness, lack of feelings, lack of imagination, fear of others, fears of the outside world, refusal to live, childhood traumas
In brief: The Karmic Heart Chakra (Thymus) brings karmic love. It bears life, sexual and spiritual energies to help one to find balance and to allow one to feel

Thymus Chakra: Karmic Heart, Memories of Past Lives

As the name suggests, the Karmic Heart Chakra is directly related to the karma of the soul. One can easily make a reading to see the amount of experience that has been lived on earth. This heart includes the memory of successive lives that affect the loving relationship that one can have with others. The Karmic Heart is located directly in the thymus. Physically, it is connected to this gland. Energetically, it is connected to the karmic wounds and sufferings of the soul. It is therefore essential to liberate one’s memories at the level of the karmic heart, which are often much more devastating than those rooted in the physical heart. The physical heart stores the sometimes painful memories of one’s present life that are minute in comparison to the suffering stored in past lives. Most humans are not aware that knowing them can help to liberate generational lines.

Both vibratory and physical, the thymus helps each new incarnate to create its systems until adulthood (physical, psychological and emotional). If their growth system has been fully formed by the thymus, then the being will be able to confront its pain. If not, the thymus will be overloaded and the being will not be able to cope with the karmic pain created by reincarnation. This means that they will be unable to make their inner cross, that is, the vertical and horizontal crossing of the chakras and the meeting point of the physical chakras (the first 3 chakras) and the celestial chakras (the last 3 chakras).

Thymus Chakra Health Effects

Verticality and Horizontality

The Karmic Heart (thymus) balances when past lives and reincarnation pains are liberated. It is also worth noting the point of balance between verticality and horizontality: the inner cross. When one accesses their three hearts, it is possible to observe openness, receptivity, compassion, consolidation, appreciation, grace, gratitude and acceptance. This universal and unconditional love is found at the karmic heart chakra, to the right of the physical heart on the same horizontal line. Conversely, the seven main chakras are all vertically aligned, connecting telluric and cosmic energies. The human being integrated when this vertical axis crosses the horizontal axis composed of the physical, karmic and spiritual hearts. The horizontal axis of the three hearts also allows us to join with love, sharing, the seed, earth, wind, and the universe.

Through reincarnation, humans have come to experience the intersection and influence of these two axes in life experience, including reincarnation pains and the sufferings of past lives which are both a limit and a positive trial for growth. If the pains are not liberated, then it will be very difficult to cross the two axes, to merge them into the three worlds and to live fully what we are here for.

As soon as this work is done, the Heart Chakra (the fourth chakra) will have reached full maturity to experience the mission for which we have reincarnated. Whether you are at the top of the hierarchy or at the bottom, it is not important. We can very well be a cleaner and be fully one with our mission just as we can be a manager and have strayed from our path in life. If this is the case, the signs will be there. Life’s mission must be the expression of soul’s identity. This expression is united by the horizontal axis: the three hearts. These three hearts are actually one, with a singular purpose. They are fed by the breath of life (lungs). When the physical and karmic hearts are fully harmonised, the spiritual heart will evolve in harmony with planetary vibrational energies (the earth in this case) and the energies of the collective consciousness. The more humans learn to heal their karmic heart, the more active the spiritual heart will be and the more it will help bring rapid evolution to the soul. If this evolution were to be experienced by all of humanity, it would allow us to make a global leap towards the light.

Recognition of Wounds

Knowing how to ‘recognise’ your wounds is very important in order to evolve quickly. The Karmic Heart Chakra has retained many over the course of past lives and the physical heart continues to store it in our present lives. Once liberated from these duties, evolution can be experienced by many and will contribute to the participation, collaboration and elevation of planetary vibrations. We must not run away from pain, we must face it in order to better evolve and stop suffering in silence without knowing the reason. Feelings of sadness, anger, and pain are to be discarded in order to no longer attach to them an importance that they don’t deserve. We must learn to recognise, without shame, that we are bearing wounds from past lives or our present lives that we need to expel. It is also possible to see repeated patterns, i.e. models previously lived that the being has chosen to live out again.

The Conditioning of Love

On earth, love is increasingly conditioned or offered for personal gain. It is shared under conditions, what we call unconditional love. People often feel unable to share it as they have never learned how. Indeed, it is a matter of ego: ‘I’ve never received it so I don’t know how to’ or ‘what will I get out of it’ The person must be able to go beyond this way of thinking to rise and significantly increase their vibration rate. The only way to express love on earth (which is spreading on a large scale) is conditional love, love for personal gain that has expectations and which goes against the essence of love. Love must be shared without any form of earthly attraction.


Darkness is something that can be found everywhere, even in the depths of oneself. The most important thing is to be aware so that we can understand it without carrying imbalances, illness, and can better understand its effects on the different bodies (physical, psychological or emotional). In their evolution, humans will have the desire to raise their level of consciousness and thus will face various tests. Throughout these, we will encounter darkness face-to-face. The soul is regularly subjected to these types of test and has the free will to choose darkness or light. However, these tests can upset the soul when it tries to confront them or adjust to them. Those who master their chakras regularly confront them but they remain vigilant. Tests can occur without them knowing, which is why they must be wary. If they have pride in their hearts, the darkness may have taken them over.

The Thymus Chakra and its matching stones and minerals

Turquoise stones and minerals representing the memories of the thymus chakra: