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Stones and the Aries Zodiac Sign

The first of the zodiac signs, Aries is a fire sign. Above all, this sign stands out as the beginning/renewal at the end of a cycle. Generally, those of the Aries sign are people who move ahead by nature. They make decisions very quickly and rarely hesitate.

Aries are very creative and generous. If there is a blockage in these two aspects, then we encourage you to wear tiger’s eye. Those of the Aries sign are often on the move due to their great impatience. They also have a great sense of loyalty, both in terms of their companionship and their honour. In the event of a blockage, these relationships with others can be resolved with lapis lazuli.
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What are the stones, crystals and minerals of the Aries zodiac sign?

Date: March 21st to April 20th
Element: Fire
Planet: Mars - Strength and Energy
In brief: Of strong character, those of the Aries sign are of dominant nature and think that they are always right. Their great working capacity and their faithfulness in love can make them jealous, and even suspicious from time to time.

Aries Stones for Work

Those of the Aries sign are very hard workers. They are very often appreciated by all and feel the need to be recognised whilst needing to lead. Aggressive, Aries are bold and daring in all pursuits. Controlling, Aries have great difficulty in receiving orders, which naturally leads to a need for solo work. Sodalite greatly helps Aries when faced with group work, bringing solidarity and harmony.

Aries Stones for Love

The most important thing for an Aries is to have a rich love life, without monotony and in particular, without routine. Aries don’t like to express their feelings. They also have great difficulty expressing them. Faced with this difficulty, the stones most used for Aries are lapis-lazuli or sodalite to develop their communication and help them to express their emotions more easily.

Aries Stones for Health

This zodiac sign is very often afflicted by headaches that can lead to vision problems. Lapis lazuli helps to alleviate these ailments. In addition, labradorite is used to overcome vision problems, as is tiger’s eye when it comes to helping night vision. If you don’t have any of these stones, turquoise can also be an alternative to vision problems, especially for cataracts.

If those of the Aries sign experiences stomach pains, it will be important to use stones such as sodalite or citrine which are minerals that stimulate the digestive system. Sleep problems may also be experienced due to this hyperactivity, so Aries may be advised to use amethyst for a deep and restful sleep.