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Stones and the Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer is the fourth of the astrological signs and is a water sign. They are hypersensitive and remain very loyal and protective. One of their life goals is to have a stable and balanced family life, living in harmony. Cancer’s hypersensitivity to others is significant or excessive. Citrine can help a cancer to alleviate it.

Cancer can be saddened by the behaviour of the people they surround themselves with. This sensitivity can also be excessive. Throughout their life, the Cancer will try to avoid conflict or quickly diffuse it to avoid it. Rose quartz will thus bring love and deep peace, in order to settle conflicts and instil a harmonious atmosphere. Cancer can also be very stubborn and do not like when everything don’t go to plan.
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What are the stones, crystals and minerals of the Cancer zodiac sign?

Date: June 22nd to July 23rd
Element: Water
Planet: Moon - Femininity
In brief: Hypersensetive, those of the Cancer sign are very attached to home. They have little will power and can be very vulnerable. Though cautious in nature, Cancers are very creative.

Cancer Stones for Work

At work, those of the Cancer sign thrive, particularly in small companies where they can build strong or familial bonds. Imaginative, they are gifted for creation, decoration, and research and are both effective and determined. If creativity is blocked, tiger’s eye stone is recommended to help unblock it. Citrine stone can then be used to amplify it. A Cancer needs to evolve in a reassuring personal and professional environment that is both stable and kind. They are at the same time focused, conscientious and attentive. Citrine is a stone that will allow them to amplify this attention.

Cancer Stones for Love

The backbone of the home and the family, Cancer is by far the most in need of stability within the family. With their strong emotional temperament, Cancers will look for a stable, reliable partner with whom they can still keep their alone time. Romantic and sensual, those of the Cancer sign are very protective but also possessive. If the Cancer feels insecure, then jealousy will be predominant in the couple. It’s hard to earn the trust of a Cancer, but when it’s shared, it’s best not to betray them. They will then feel deeply hurt and will show great resentment. In this regard, citrine stone will facilitate trust and mutual respect.

Cancer Stones for Health

The Cancers main weaknesses are in digestion and the chest. Citrine will be the perfect stone to stimulate the digestive system. The Cancer must be wary of aggravations as they will have a direct impact on their health. They will be subject to states of excessive nervousness and that is why it will be very important to control it. These anxieties can lead to loss of control in the various situations they face. Citrine will also help to prevent the forms of fear that they may encounter.