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Stones and the Capricorn Zodiac Sign

The tenth of the zodiac signs, Capricorn is an earth sign. This sign is very shy in nature and very often cares about the looks of others. They always try to behave well in order to make a good impression with those around them. Malachite stone will thus be perfect for this sign as it will help it reduce to their shyness. The Capricorn sign is very quiet. They rarely get angry as they always try to avoid conflict.

With great righteousness, Capricorns are reliable and honest people, who may seem ‘cold’ to some people. Sincerity is a value dear to them and they rarely talk about themselves.
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What are the stones, crystals and minerals of the Capricorn zodiac sign?

Date: December 22nd to January 20th
Element: Earth
Planet: Saturn - Duty and Obligation
In brief: Individualistic, those of the Capricorn sign are often ambitious, orderly and driven people. Unfortunately, they are often intolerant and have difficulty expressing their feelings.

Capricorn Stones for Work

Independent, those of the Capricorn sign are creative at work. Tiger’s Eye will help them in this sense, stimulating their creativity. Organisation is one of their strengths, but it can completely destabilise them when faced with improvisation. Courageous and combative in nature, Capricorns are rigorous and determined people. They are very determined at all workplaces. The Capricorn will therefore always try to stand out in different ways.

Capricorn Stones for Love

Those of the Capricorn sign are people who are perfectionists but also selective. In their emotional life, they find it difficult to find a partner. Their rather developed sensitivity contrasts with their reserved romantic lives. In this sense, citrine and rose quartz will help the Capricorn to express their emotions. When a Capricorn manages to express their feelings, they prove very much in love and are able to manage great responsibilities within the couple.

Capricorn Stones for Health

Those of the Capricorn sign are people who have a relatively fragile health but who are combative both physically and emotionally. Often, the Capricorn has joint pain. Labradorite or turquoise is recommended as it will help ease the pain.