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Stones and the Gemini Zodiac Sign

The third of the astrological signs, Gemini is an air sign. Those of the Gemini stone have great ease in communicating with others and that is why they integrate wherever they go. If a Gemini encounters difficulties in this regard, then they should use lapis-lazuli which will remove blockages related to the throat and therefore to communication.

Those of the Gemini sign are constantly on the move and adapt very easily to all environments. They are endowed with great curiosity which leads them to be interested in everything, whilst also enabling them to concentrate. In this regard, citrine assists them and helps to revitalise the mind.
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What are the stones, crystals and minerals of the Gemini zodiac sign?

Date: May 22nd to June 21st
Element: Air
Planet: Mercury - Communication
In brief: Very intellectual, those of the Gemini sign have a great thirst for knowledge and are open-minded. Very well organised, they have great relationships with others but sometimes find it hard to concentrate.

Gemini Stones for Work

The Gemini is a great explorer and adapts to all forms of change. In this regard, labradorite is perfect for helping them to adapt to change faster. Being constantly on the go, the Gemini is often restless. Malachite is perfect for Geminis to allow them to fully live what they are. Ideally, Geminis should work in a career related to travel whilst building great social bonds in their professional life. In the business world, their ease and oral abilities make them an important and powerful person.

Gemini Stones for Love

The Gemini shows strong feelings and feels the same need to receive them. They need attention, affection but also a lot of tenderness. However, those of this sign may find it difficult to express these sentiments. If this is the case, lapis lazuli or turquoise will facilitate their expression as well as a more transparent communication of feelings. The Gemini is a sign that interacts very easily and that shows neither jealousy nor the slightest suspicion. The presumption of innocence is often a priority.

Gemini Stones for Health

Gemini has a very high sensitivity in the lung area. Lapis lazuli is thus the perfect stone to regulate the respiratory system. In addition, those of this zodiac sign may experience disturbed sleep due to excessive agitation. It is important to get a restful sleep otherwise it will increase nervousness. Amethyst is therefore the stone recommended to Gemini in order to avoid insomnia and to have a deep and restful sleep.