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Stones and the Leo Zodiac Sign

The fifth of the zodiac signs, Leo, is a fire sign. It has many similar characteristics to its animal. The Leo is proud of themselves and likes to show it to others. At the same time, they are determined and that generally makes them a person who will dominate others. Generous, the Leo knows how to get support but their lack of tact whilst angry can work against them. In this case, Citrine stone will be perfect for calming them and bringing inner peace.

Conversely, if it is a deep inner anger, lapis lazuli will unlock communication and loosen the throat. The Leo does not have a wicked nature but can appear authoritarian with an emphasised sense of responsibility at work. With honesty and loyalty, the Leo avoids talking behind others’ backs and other trivialities that could create bad intentions. In this regard, Tiger’s eye protects from potentially negative environments.
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What are the stones, crystals and minerals of the Leo zodiac sign?

Date: July 24th to August 23rd
Element: Fire
Planet: Sun - Vitality
In brief: Those of the Leo Sign are very dominant in nature and are always purposeful. They are often difficult to get through to but are very well organised.

Leo Stones for Work

Leo is a very ambitious sign when it comes to work. They often want to go far in life and succeed professionally. Tiger Eye’s can help unlock creativity to achieve this success. The Leo is often one who has skills in business and management, leading those behind them. Their great working capacity in the face of difficulties strengthens them with each hardship.

Leo Stones for Love

Leos are very loyal people and can very easily become depressed when faced with emotional disappointments. As such, citrine will be a great help to get them back on track. Its aid will give way to positive behaviour as part of renewal. Honest, the Leo is sincere and says what they think even if it disappoints. They give a lot to those they consider loved ones, and they also give their partner the feeling of being lucky to be with someone like him/her. Conversely, they appreciate this recognition and need it to feel alive.

Leo Stones for Health

The Leo is generally in good health. Their primary physical weakness will generally be at the heart level. Several stones can be worn to strengthen the heart, namely rose quartz, malachite or unakite The Leo’s physical fitness is due to a reinforced bone structure. However, if in a weakened state, malachite will help alleviate pain in the muscles or arteries. If case of lower limb problems, then it is better to use a red stone such as a jasper.