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Stones and the Pisces Zodiac Sign

Pisces is a water sign and the twelfth zodiac sign. This sign represents two symbols: dreams and hope. Pisces are idealists and are very intelligent. Citrine stone is perfect for grounding idealism in accuracy and truth. This stone will allow Pisces to remain faithful to both themselves and their values. However, they should be aware of their stubbornness.

Of an introverted nature, Pisces sometimes seem a little cold at first despite their willingness to communicate with others. Those of this sign are looking for new experiences and love change. This is why citrine stone is recommended as it will facilitate the proper integration of these changes.
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What stones, crystals and minerals are best for those of the Pisces sign?

Date: February 20 to March 20
Element: Water
Planet: Neptune - Flexibility
In brief: Those of the Pisces sign are very emotional, modest but also impressionable. They often repress and can’t stand violence. They are also very responsive to mysticism.

Pisces Stones for Work

Whatever their job may be, Pisces will always bring a personal touch to the workplace. Pisces have a liberal and creative spirit. If these qualities are blocked, tiger’s eye stone can help them express themselves while stimulating them. At work, Pisces know how to elicit sympathy as they regularly use warm words and perform altruistic gestures towards others.

Pisces Stones for Love

Those of the Pisces sign are idealists and big dreamers. As soon as they meet their partner, they will want to marry them. On the other hand, Pisces feel emotionally insecure. This is partially due to a lack of self-confidence. Rose quartz and citrine strengthen these aspects of their personality.

Pisces Stones for Health

Pisces are subject to joint pain. For this reason, labradorite and turquoise will help relieving lower back pain and arthritis. These stones will also be perfect for relieving all types of pain. Amethyst and citrine will work wonders in regulating blood circulation which can be disturbed for those of the Pisces sign.