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Stones and the Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

The ninth of the zodiac signs, Sagittarius, is a fire sign. Those of this sign are people who love movement and travel. They consider freedom very important. The Sagittarius also love to start new projects, at the risk of not completing them as there will be so many.

Sagittarius adapt well to all situations. They like change and movement and therefore new things. As such, rose quartz will promote change. This sign can be honest, sometimes to the point of excess where they can hurt their loved ones.
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What are the stones, crystals and minerals of the Sagittarius zodiac sign?

Date: November 23rd to December 21st
Element: Fire
Planet: Jupiter - Radiance
In brief: Idealistic, those of the Sagittarius sign are generally open and gifted with great honesty. They can be both sensitive but also impulsive, meaning they sometimes lack sensitivity and realism.

Sagittarius Stones for Work

At work, Sagittarius is driven and can display great public speaking skills when their career requires it. They can then aid themselves with turquoise to bring them mental clarity and to reduce excessive nervousness in public. Sagittarius are particularly comfortable when working in a social context.

Sagittarius Stones for Love

Sagittarius are beings who fear loneliness but who may be wary of commitment, especially marriage. However, they can commit to overcoming this fear. If relationships become tense, the Sagittarius will choose to break up. As such, the lapis lazuli stone will help the Sagittarius to express their emotions and thus reduce and resolve the number of conflicts. Sagittarius are passionate at the beginning of a relationship, especially if it is true love. Those of the Sagittarius sign find it very easy to forget the past in order to turn a new leaf. In this sense, rose quartz will soothe pain and treat emotional deficiencies. It also helps to alleviate pain and sadness.

Sagittarius Stones for Health

The Sagittarius can have digestion problems if they gain weight with age. Several stones can help alleviate diseases along the digestive tract, such as amethyst. Citrine, on the other hand, will stimulate digestion. Those of the Sagittarius sign are subject to vision problems but also to skin allergies. Labradorite is the perfect mineral to treat these types of problem, and citrine to alleviate them. To treat vision disorders, tiger’s eye will be perfect, particularly for night vision. Finally, Sagittarius may find sometimes find themselves in a state of extreme sadness. If this is the case, then citrine is recommended in order to overcome sadness, anxieties and fears. Lapis lazuli and Tiger’s Eye will also play a role in alleviating the depressive state while raising the spirit.