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Stones and the Taurus Zodiac Sign

The second of the zodiac signs, Taurus, is an earth sign. It is conservative and has a certain attraction for elegance and that which is both beautiful and sophisticated. This sign is often conservative or traditionalist. Things have to be done properly. Balanced, those of the Taurus sign often takes their time and think carefully about the decisions they make. They are often attached to their daily lives, to regular and recurring habits, and find it very difficult to detach themselves from them at the risk of disrupting their daily lives. Rose quartz is thus the stone that will allow them to help change habits to move towards new insights.

In case of conflict, the Taurus sign is someone very unforgiving and their anger can increase greatly. It is not ideal to stay around them in case of irritation. Sodalite is the perfect stone to relax them and calm their tension. Any form of fear will be repelled thanks to this stone. In addition, those of the Taurus sign can opt for citrine if they want to regain their inner calm.
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What are the stones, crystals and minerals of the Taurus zodiac sign?

Date: April 21st to May 21st
Element: Earth
Planet: Venus - Love and Harmony
In brief: With a strong grip on reality, those of the Taurus sign like to control their lives and are often conservative. They have a very large capacity to work, even if they are overworked.

Taurus Stones for Work

Those of the Taurus Zodiac sign are meticulous, diligent and competitive people. They like everything to be organised, preferably in their own way. They are very imaginative people who are very talented when they have a job that uses creativity. In this regard, tiger’s eye will help unlock the creativity of the Taurus sign and lapis lazuli will only amplify it.

Taurus Stones for Love

The Taurus has a great need for stability in their couple, with faithfulness or even sensuality. It takes time for the Taurus to settle down and become attached, but once they are, the most sincere feelings can lead to jealousy. In the event of separation, the Taurus has some difficulty in turning the page. Green jade can help relieve strong feelings and resentment, gradually dissipating emotional shock whilst limiting tears.

Taurus Stones for Health

Taurus is a sign that is in great need of sleep so it is important that sleep cycles are restful. If sleep problems arise, using amethyst stone can help improve sleep and limit insomnia. In many cases, the weaker physical points of the Taurus are the neck and throat. This sign is subject to thyroid problems or chronic angina. Lapis lazuli will help relieve the pain encountered in these areas of the body. The older the Taurus, the more likely they are to be at risk of joint pain. We would then recommend using turquoise or labradorite which can help in dealing with these problems. In addition, the Taurus likes to eat and enjoys food, so they should monitor their diet to regulate their weight as much as they can.