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Stones and the Virgo Zodiac Sign

The sixth of the zodiac signs, Virgo, is an earth sign. Those of this sign were born under reason and are very cautious people. They are both thoughtful, sensible, and very observant. Serious and methodical, the Virgo often has trouble coping with unexpected changes. They are often willing to make sacrifices for others, even if they neglect their personal well-being, or are overwhelmed.

Very shy, the Virgo can appear cold though it is not the case. To compensate for this shyness, malachite can be of great aid, strengthening and maintaining bonds. Like the Taurus, the Virgo has a hard time changing their habits. As such, malachite and rose quartz will be the perfect stones to make big leaps, move forward and change. In any case, the Virgo will always be devoted to serving even in the most difficult moments.
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What are the stones, crystals and minerals of the Virgo zodiac sign?

Date: August 24th to September 23rd
Element: Earth
Planet: Mercury - Communication
In brief: Critical, those of the Virgo sign have difficulty expressing themselves and are shy. They are both Cartesian and efficient and they do not like to waste time on trivial matters. They often experience digestive problems because of their non-integration of emotions.

Virgo Stones for Work

At work, it is undeniable that the Virgo is a perfectionist and often undertakes precision work, always with great diligence. To strengthen character traits that may sometimes be lacking in the Virgo such as self-confidence or respect, rose quartz, citrine or quartz with black tourmaline inclusions can be worn. Small details can appear significant and can lead to complications with co-workers. The Virgo must therefore be careful not to focus too much on details that may not matter.

Virgo Stones for Love

Very modest, the Virgo has great difficulty expressing their feelings. Lapis lazuli and sodalite stones are recommended in order to develop oral communication and the expression of emotions. Upright, the Virgo prefers to be alone than with the wrong person and marriage is a commitment that ensures stability, security but also a certain commitment. It’s worth noting that, in case of conflicts, the Virgo tends to overpower and blame their partner. However, if the partner is their ideal, the Virgo will bring them pure and perfect happiness, fully sharing their feelings.

Virgo Stones for Health

Those of the Virgo sign generally have good health but can have a great lack of self-confidence. They often feel sick due to unhealthy mindsets. Their primary fragility comes from their digestive system. To help regulate it, amethyst stone is perfect for alleviating diseases and strengthening intestinal flora. Citrine, on the other hand, will assist by limiting constipation. In addition, sodalite can accompany in this process of regulating digestive disorders.