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ametrine stone


  • Origin of the name: Result of the contraction of the words ‘Amethyst’ and ‘Citrine’
  • Group: Quartz
  • Chemical composition: Silicon dioxide, SiO²
  • Crystal System: Rhombohedral
  • Hardness: 7
  • Deposits: These crystals are rare and are found in amethyst deposits (primarily in Bolivia, Brazil and Uruguay).
  • Colour: Yellow and Violet.

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History of Ametrine Stone

Originating from a natural blend of Amethyst and Citrine stone, Ametrine derives its name from these two minerals. The first part of the word ‘Ame’ comes from Amethyst. The second part ‘trine’ comes from citrine. However, this stone doesn’t just take its name from these minerals. It also derives it from its hue. Its lower zone is purple and its upper zone, the tip, assumes a yellow. Two colours that remain definitively distinct from each other and that, in photo, look unbelievable as the phenomenon is unusual. Though this stone was formed from specific geological processes occurring several million years ago, it is in Bolivia that we find this mineral in large quantities. The most exploited deposit was uncovered in the 17th century, when a conquistador from the Iberian Peninsula married Princess Anahi, from the local Ayoreo tribe. The mine was the young woman’s dowry. Thereafter, the conqueror’s counterparts brought gifts made of Ametrine to the Queen of Spain. This is how this mineral became known in Europe.

Amerine stone arrived on the market rather recently, as it was not until the 1980s that this gem was seen on bracelets, rings and pendants. One of its many qualities is its originality, due to its unique colour. Its purple resonates femininity, while the yellow brings freshness and allows light to pass. This aesthetic, unbelievable characteristic that appears as a blend of two minerals makes it the perfect material for creating singular jewels. As with all minerals, this stone is also used for interior decoration and litho therapy. Thanks to its exceptionally rare hue, this gem has been wildly successful. The purest, most transparent crystals feature impressive gradients. Less crystalline varieties in which the gradients are less obvious are deliberately cut to make both the yellow and purple visible, and to create a type of optical transitional space between the colours. There is also a special variety: Kaleidoscope. On these minerals, the size of the stone is focused to produce a vortex of colours, that is, an optical effect that consists of a whirlwind of hues. This effect, visible in real or in photography, gives it a magical aspect. Moreover, it should be known that, among the Native Americans, this stone is a symbol of divine power and spiritual impulse.

Origin and Composition of Ametrine Stone

Although quality gems have been found in various countries – Brazil, India, Madagascar, Sri Lanka – the most beautiful stones that are used to make jewellery come from Bolivia’s Anahi mine. It is there, in the province of Santa Cruz more than 200 kilometres from Puerto Suarez, that the largest deposit for commercial exploitation is located.

Concerning its composition, as Ametrine comes from a natural union between two quartz, it is also part of this family. As always, quartz colouration comes from its iron content. However, in this case iron has reached distinct oxidation stages. This is why the stone displays such a remarkable two-tone appearance.

Litho Therapeutic Properties of Ametrine Stone

Ametrine Stone’s Mental Benefits

In addition to its use in jewellery, pearls and decorative objects, this stone has multiple powers on the mind, psyche and emotions. These powers can be sensed immediately once you come into contact with the mineral. For example, this attractive two-tone gem calms the mind and encourages contemplation. In this way, it removes psychological tension and dissipates stress. As it has a calming power, it wards off negative energies accumulated in the aura, it promotes optimism and it encourages people to take control of their lives. It is perfect for healing emotional shock and to prevent depressive states (whether emotional or mental). In addition, creatives and artists can use it in their work, as it contributes to the development of imagination, open-mindedness and relativism. This is due to its effects on the right brain, the part of the organ that influences creativity and imagination. Moreover, everyone can make use of its crystals as it helps one to overcome prejudices and to open up to others, accepting them beyond appearances and differences.

Ametrine stone encourages us to go beyond the preconceived and think in new ways. It also pushes the wearer to reflect on situations and to look for new alternatives in the event of conflict. This makes it an excellent tool for resolving problems, whether personal or professional. For those who possess Ametrine, thoughts and actions are aligned. Emotions no longer have free rein, and clarity and concentration are enhanced. By removing sources of blockages and bringing light, it supports in the inner journey and aligns you with the universe. Once concentrated, and refocused on positive energies, we can then ask the right questions and find the right answers.

Ametrine Stone’s Physical Benefits

While the spiritual benefits of this gem are numerous, this rock extract also has many virtues for the human body.

As it is formed from the merging of two stones, it combines their benefits. As it helps to you to achieve spiritual and mental balance by removing blockages and reducing adrenaline, this stone also rebalances the body. Because you are optimistic when you wear it, you become more enthusiastic and thus more prone to healing. This is why this mineral is particularly appreciated in litho therapy. Ametrine works on the bloodstream, and on states of fatigue – even for the most extreme such as severe headaches. It strengthens the entire metabolism through its effects on the immune system. It is frequently used to relieve abdominal pain (colic, etc.), soothe biliousness and regulate digestive problems. It affects the entire digestive system: the spleen, liver, intestines, and kidneys. To reduce pain in the abdominal area, simply place a crystal at the solar plexus.

Along with amethyst from which it originates, Ametrine also eliminates toxins that are found inside the body. In case of dependence, this stone helps to detoxify. Individuals with chronic conditions (sadness, etc.) can also find relief with this magical material. Ametrine is also appreciated by those with speech disorders and other coordination problems, as it activates the pituitary gland, the master gland that manages many physical reactions. By using it along with lavender, one benefits from its calming effect on the nervous system, and more specifically on fears and anxieties. Whether at home, in the workplace or in your car, ametrine crystals help to relieve tension.

Ametrine Stone’s Symbolism

  • Represents the guardian of hidden treasures

Ametrine Stone’s Traditions

  • Native Americans: Ametrine is divine power, spiritual elevation.