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  • Origin of the name: From the Greek « apophyllos » meaning « which disintegrates into strips ».
  • Chemical composition: Fluorinated hydrosilicate of calcium and potassium, KCa4Si8O20(OH,F)8H2O.
  • Hardness: Between 4.5 and 5
  • Crystal System: Quadratic
  • Deposits: Bohemia, India, Norway
  • Colours: Often transparent, ranging from pale green to pale blue.




In 1806, the mineralogist René Just Hauy first called this group of minerals « apophyllite », which comes from the Greek word apophyllos (« which disintegrates into strips »). This means that the stone, once heated, rubbed, or brought into contact with acid, dries out and separates into strips. This stone has always been seen as a healing stone by many peoples (Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Greeks, Romans and Ancient Indians), who considered it exceptional. It was often confused with rock crystal, and had the reputation of being a miracle for medical problems, thanks to its softness.

The stone remains little used because being composed of several minerals, it is fragile and difficult to cut and polish. The main deposits are found in India, the United States, Brazil, Great Britain, Canada, Mexico, Iceland and Norway. It is now considered a valuable collector’s stone and is used for its many virtues for the body and mind.


When René Just Hauy gave his name to the stone, he thought it was a single mineral. However, it was later discovered that this stone is not composed of a single mineral but a group of three minerals: KF apophyllite, KOH apophyllite and NaF apophyllite. These three minerals are Phyllosilicates. There are several species of this stone, varying according to the amount of fluorine and sodium it contains: it can be pink, green, yellow, colourless, or purple. This stone was called « ichtyophtalmos », which means « fish eye », referring to its pearly reflections. It is said to be “biterminated”, because it has 4 faces, and is used for remote care thanks to its connecting strength. This healing stone sends its virtues directly to the suffering part of the body, if it cannot be placed on the corresponding point.

It contains 3 healing elements. First of all, fluoride (F) helps to fix calcium on bones and teeth, thus strengthening them. Calcium (Ca) helps growth, strengthening the bones, and the last element, Potassium (K), drains toxins and helps lower blood pressure. The latter is advised against kidney problems, cramps, as well as heart disorders.



This stone will help you to enlighten your life, and will support you in your efforts to drive pollution out of your existence, both physically and psychologically. It would help you to fight against alcohol, tobacco and drug addictions, as well as various addictions. These mechanisms of self-destruction will be only a distant memory, and will give way to the energy of light in your life, which will raise your vibratory level and cleanse your body at all levels. Generally speaking, it will free you from all previous pollution. Your past stress and troubles will be nothing but bad memories thanks to this purification stone. Its vibratory frequency and its light will allow you to live life to the fullest, and to forget past automatisms, like an awareness. It is also recommended to use this stone to cover your house. It will bring well-being and joy to its inhabitants, and thus spreads its numerous virtues. It is advisable to place it high up in a house, to benefit from all its spiritual virtues.

Generally speaking, Apophyllite Stone will help you to elevate your soul towards the spiritual, renounce negative energy, and thus take care of yourself by connecting you with the beyond. This stone is also recommended for people suffering from sadness and lack of vitality. It will help you to undo any blockage of the crown chakra, being the highest level of consciousness, which hosts the vibration of the other 6 centres. It is the centre corresponding to wisdom, self-knowledge, and soul consciousness. Thus, when you get rid of the negative energy of your crown chakra, light and love will be able to enter. Apophyllite will bring you joy and dynamism, to allow you to be productive and to make all your projects bear fruit. Your experiences will be even more interesting, and your new spontaneity will guide you in all your adventures.

Very often, your states of mind and the negativity that invades you do not let you move forward and carry out your tasks properly. This stone will act on these imbalances and restore your strength and motivation. This stone will also give you the desire to discover and explore the world. It helps you to go in search of yourself and your spirit, pushing you to accept and manage your moods. You will plunge into your own life to discover yourself fully, and accept all the characteristics of your body and mind. You will accept your qualities as well as your faults, and you will recognize yourself as a whole person. Every negative emotion you welcome will invade you and prevent you from fully enjoying the beauty of life, sending you back to your old habits. The stone will take you out of your comfort zone, to live the life you deserve and dream of. You will understand yourself better, and accept your whole being. Moreover, the stone allows you to overcome worries, fears, and to be more serene in general in front of life and the possible problems you will face. You will more easily overcome the challenges of the future, because this stone will help you to apprehend the future without stress.

This stone will accompany you in your meditation sessions, and will reconnect you to the angels and your guides. Use it during your meditation sessions, by placing it on your third eye. It will help you to connect with spiritual beings and open the doors to other dimensions. Being a connecting stone, it is also said to stimulate the intellect and to promote telepathy. It can also be coupled with obsidian for introspection and self-awareness. Used on acupuncture points, it helps you breathe. To sum up, Apophyllite stone will help you to love yourself. You will become fully aware of your being, your body vibrations, and your identity. Your light will shine fully, and you will recognize your value and your qualities. It will absorb the entire negative to make pure light and unblock your chakras.


This stone has a wide range of virtues, according to its colour. First of all, the colourless white Apophyllite stone is used to improve memory, and is also a beneficial stone for eye fatigue. Green Apophyllite is the stone for individuals suffering from irritation, and is useful for lung disorders in general. It can be placed on the throat to calm a respiratory crisis, for example. It is the care stone used for Reiki, thanks to its special vibration, to relax and recharge.


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