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  • Origin of the name: Named in 1824 by the French mineralogist François Sulpice Beudant for its colour : « azurite ». As for malachite, it comes from the Latin “malachites” meaning “through” and the ancient Greek “malakhé” meaning “mallow”.
  • Group: Azurite and Carbonate
  • Chemical composition: Basic copper carbonate, CU3(C03)2(OH)2
  • Hardness: Between 3.5 and 4.
  • Crystal System: Monoclinic
  • Deposits: Australia, Arizona, Brazil, Chile, Congo, United States, France, Israel, Morocco, Mexico, Rhodesia, Russia, Zaire.
  • Colours: Light blue, midnight blue up to violet, green varying from pale to deep dark.




Azurite has been known for more than 4,500 years, and traces of azurite powder have even been found in Egyptian jars used to make ointments. From that time, the stone was already being powdered to make blue pigments for artistic purposes. Its Greek name is “kuanos”, which became the word « cyan », and its Roman name is “caeruleum”.

In the Mayan civilization, this mineral was considered sacred, and allowed to reach supreme wisdom. Then, malachite has always been exploited for its beautiful colours, first as a powder, used for painting, then for decoration.


First of all, malachite belongs to the group of mineral carbonates. Its name comes from the Greek « malakhé », which means « mallow », freferring to the softness of the plant called mallow. It can be found under other names such as « green chrysocolla » or « silky copper ». The hardness of malachite is 3.5 to 4 on Mohs scale (stone hardness scale), so it is a soft stone. Malachite is a very fragile stone that is not very resistant to heat and liquids, so you must be very careful with it. This stone is effervescent in contact with hydrochloric acid, and can often be soluble when immersed in water with a lot of carbon dioxide. To purify this stone, simply immerse it in distilled but not salty water. To recharge it, place the stone in the sun on a crystalline heap. The main areas where malachite stone is mined are Australia, Brazil, Chile, Congo, the United States, France, Israel, Rhodesia, Russia and Zaire. Azurite is composed of copper carbonate. This mineral has a hardness of 3.5 to 4 on Mohs scale. It was named after François Sulpice Beudant, a French mineralogist and geologist. The name « azurite » comes from « lazhward » which means « blue » in Persian, and was given simply because of its colour. This stone is effervescent and soluble in contact with hydrochloric acid, which differentiates it from lazurite, a stone that looks very much like azurite and is soluble in contact with the same acid, but is not effervescent in this case.

The colour of azurite can range from azure blue to Prussian blue, and the stone has a vitreous lustre. The main azurite deposits are found in Belgium, Canada, the United States, France, Morocco, and Namibia. To purify it, use organic clay, shape waves or sound waves, but do not submerge it in water. This stone can be recharged by placing it on a heap of crystals, for example quartz, by shape waves (scallop shells), or by sound waves, such as singing bowls. It should not be exposed to the sun, and be careful not to leave it exposed to daylight for a long time. These two stones are often found mixed together, because they have almost the same chemical formula and the same crystal system (monoclinic). Azurite and malachite are formed by the oxidation of copper sulphides. Azurite-malachite stone ahas a hardness of 3.5 to 4 on Mohs scale. This mineral therefore offers the combined properties of azurite and malachite. The main deposits of azurite-malachite stone are found in Morocco, the United States and Peru. The malachite-azurites we offer all come from a new Peruvian deposit near Cusco.



TFirst of all, what we have here a very powerful stone. Indeed, it allows a strong spiritual connection, and promotes clairvoyance, visions, as well as telepathy. Placed on the top of the head, this stone helps us to better understand the world thanks to a global vision, like a developing third eye. In addition, this stone is used as a pendulum by mediums because it is an interface between our world and the beyond. Thanks to its strong connection power, it is ideal for remote healing or meditation. Moreover, azurite-malachite stone sis also an effective healing stone when placed on the chakras. Placing this stone on your throat will help you get rid of speech problems, and placing it on your forehead will take you to another world by helping you establish an extrasensory connection. It is also advisable to rub the azurite to release its benefits. Indeed, it is called « friction stone », which will make you benefit from its positive energy by a simple friction. The stone azurite malachite helps to attract and develop positive energy, but at the same time absorbs and removes negative energy.

Azurite helps to regulate mental disorders and nervousness. For example, people subject to stress, worry, anxiety or who do not have a clear conscience will feel relieved thanks to this stone. To remedy this kind of disorder, simply hold the stone in your hands and ask for release. Your negative or stressful thoughts will then be gone. Students and learners will also benefit from this stone, which helps to structure and clarify thoughts. Azurite-malachite stone is beneficial during exam periods, for all people who are faced with a negotiation, or who have to conduct a presentation. It is the ideal stone to strengthen one’s career, especially in museums, libraries, universities, and places of learning in general. In addition, azurite helps to better understand one’s problems and to find solutions to them, by eliminating psychic blockages. It will push you to love life, to surpass yourself and to reach your goals. To conclude, this stone offers numerous benefits of all types. However, it is recommended that the most fragile and sensitive individuals take care when using it.


Azurite-malachite stone will allow you to benefit from the powers of these two stones at the same time, and will bring you harmony and well-being. It has many properties on the spirit, but also on the body. Malachite corresponds to the Libra, Scorpio and Capricorn signs, and is linked to the heart chakra. Azurite corresponds to the Sagittarius sign, and is a stone linked to the frontal chakra. First of all, azurite-malachite is a beneficial stone for the treatment of brain disorders in general, especially for memory disorders, dementia and certain degenerative brain disorders. It will free people suffering from headaches, and will get rid of your tinnitus and dizziness problems. This stone is effective for bones, vertebrae and rib cage disorders. It is often used in treatments for the alignment of vertebrae. In addition, it helps blood circulation and oxygenation, corresponding to the heart chakra, and helps the development of the embryo in the uterus. It also helps to regulate the excess production of red blood cells by the bone marrow. However, as the number of cells that die remains normal, the body faces an excess of red blood cells. Azurite is also said to help treat joint problems. It is beneficial for concerns related to aging in general.

Secondly, azurite-malachite stone helps to free the brain from negative emotions such as stress and anxiety, fears, phobias, and will also help you to understand the reason for your malaise. Finally, you will be able to express yourself without blockage: those who talk a lot because of stress will be calmer, whereas those who dare not speak will be freed. People who have an excessive ego will be more inclined towards humility, generosity, and compassion towards others. This stone allows you to meditate, by placing it directly on your forehead. Moreover, it will help you to be clearer, and will improve honesty. Malachite being a green stone, it is good for the skin. It helps to treat skin diseases, to purify and cleanse the skin. To finish, there is malachite azurite oil which allows, in local application, on the chakras, the treatment of many evils. In fact, this oil will allow you to enjoy the benefits of the stones and will never be charged with negative energy.


  • Azurite is the symbol of victory over matter.
  • Azurite represents liberation through flight.
  • Malachite represents energy centre, connection, but also protection and fight against evil.


  • Africa: Malachite destroys resistance.
  • Brahmanic: Azurite is the spirit of the birds.
  • Shamanic: Azurite cancels the Earth’s gravity.
  • Christian: Azurite is the soul detached from the body, the pneuma (spirit) and the winged angel. Malachite represents the human condition.
  • Greece: Malachite represents the protective power.
  • Laos: Malachite represents beneficial rain.
  • Taoist: Azurite represents the wings of immortality.