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  • Origin of the name: Resulting from its chemical composition: calcium, vanadium and silicon.
  • Chemical composition: Hydrosilicate of calcium and vanadium, Ca (VO)Si4O10.4(H2O).
  • Hardness: Between 3 and 4
  • Crystal System: Orthorhombic
  • Deposits: Afghanistan, India, Pakistan
  • Colours: Turquoise blue




The chemical composition of cavansite stone is easy to remember: the first syllable, ca, refers to calcium, van to vanadium and site to silicon. Deposits of this rock have been found in India, New Zealand, and Brazil, but it was discovered in 1960 in the United States, in the state of Oregon, by a couple on a hike.

Seven years after the discovery of these topotypes, the stone was officially described by the mineralogists LlyodStaples, Howard Evans and James Lindsay. The first specimens extracted from the Charles W. Chapman quarry are now on display at the Washington Museum of Natural History.


As a rare stone that is not easy to extract, it is usually found in small formations, in basalt and tuff cavities, called vacuoles. The most beautiful specimens come from India, and more precisely from the Wagholi quarry. They are often found on zeolites, which is why deposits are more commonly found on stilbite. What distinguishes it from other minerals is its bright blue colour, which comes from vanadium. Colour codes are limited. The shades that are accepted are sky blue, dark, and greenish. Photos show the beauty of its transparency and colour. Its density is between 2.21 and 2.31, so it is moderately heavy. However, it is brittle, as it is rated 3-4 on Mohs hardness scale.

It is often associated with pentagonality, with which it shares the same chemical formula: Ca(V4+O)Si4O10.4H20. Both belong to the sillicate family and the phyllosilicate subgroup. It is therefore a case of polymorphism, and it is common to group the two minerals under the name of “canvasite-pentagonite”. As its name suggests, pentagonite has an apparent fivefold twinning. Nevertheless, the crystallization of cavansite stone is different: where pentagonite is thorny, cavansite is spherical, and consists of crystal pom-poms packed tightly together. On photo, we can see that the rounded aspect of cavansite contrasts with pentagonite and its branches, which look like blades. Moreover, pentagonite crystallizes at more than 300 degrees, while cavansite crystallizes below this temperature.



Lithotherapy experts recommend cavansite stone to those in search of inner truth and knowledge. It is a judicious gift for a person who has a great lack of self-confidence and seeks to assert himself/herself, especially in front of people who oppose him/her. It helps to communicate with ease and courage, especially when it comes to expressing one’s feelings, without falling into emotionality. Indeed, beyond removing emotional blocks, it combines logic and intuition. Thus, it allows you to think before expressing yourself in a context that requires moderation, gentleness and diplomacy. It is the ideal rock to carry with you in difficult situations where a person wishes to avoid conflict without sacrificing the truth. For writers, professors, or anyone who often speaks in public, it helps to deliver clear and concise messages.

Placed on the third eye and throat, cavansite stone stimulates logical thinking, metaphysical awareness, and daily learning. These characteristics make it a very suitable rock for astral travel, as it requires concentration, openness and practice. The powerful energies that emanate from it facilitate access to higher dimensions. Placed on your bedside table, or in your meditation room, it brings clairvoyance and offers the possibility to connect with the subtle worlds. Not only does it promote astral travel, it also increases the quality of astral travel by clarifying the meaning of the images received and understanding the messages of the spirit world. These representations and messages can be connected to something that is currently happening in your life or prefigure what may happen. It also helps you to remember your dreams and past lives, and to see the lessons you have learned.

It is frequently combined with stilbite or apophyllite for inter-dimensional travel, and to strengthen the powers of clairvoyance itself. Since it releases heavy chains from the body, it is important to use other minerals in addition to it for the return to the physical body. Among them we find those related to the root chakra, such as black tourmaline, which protects from negative energies, pink quartz, which multiplies the effects of black tourmaline tenfold, or morganite, known to bring lucidity and wisdom. This mineral can also help to find one’s own psychic capacities. Indeed, this one, as has been mentioned, is connected to truth. As one of the most efficient fetish stones, it is the ideal companion on the path to knowledge.


It promotes the overall care and purification of the body, but it also plays a particularly important role for all parts of the body affecting hearing, voice, swallowing, taste, breathing, smell, balance, expression and facial aesthetics. These areas are grouped together under the name ENT sphere. At the level of breathing, it represents a precious help in case of respiratory disorders. In case of tinnitus, sore throat, headaches, throat or sinus irritations, it is equally effective. For more common problems, such as dental or eye problems, a natural piece of this rock placed at home or in the car can be a great relief.

Placed on the third eye chakra, it has a direct link with the endocrine system, especially the pineal and pituitary glands. Spiritually, this is known as the seat of the spirit, and the pineal gland as the seat of enlightenment, intuition, purification and cosmic consciousness. Physically, Cavansite regulates the rhythm of sleep and alleviates sexual disorders. It is also recommended during pregnancy. Extracted from the Wagholi quarry, this rare and natural mineral is occasionally available on our shop. It is the ideal gift for people concerned about their health and for stone lovers, or for those interested in the psychic powers it accentuates. Being a fragile rock, it is shipped in optimal conditions to ensure a quick and damage-free delivery.


  • Cavansite represents the circle of elders.



  • Afghanistan: This stone represents the word of the elders.
  • India: It is the radiance of the word but also the vital breath.