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pierrre dumortierite


  • Origin of the name: From the French paleontologist Eugène Dumortier.
  • Chemical composition: Aluminum borosilicate, Al7BO3(SiO4)3O3.
  • Hardness: 7
  • Crystal System: Orthorhombic
  • Deposits: South Africa, Brazil, Canada, United States, France, Madagascar, Poland, Sri Lanka.
  • Colours: Blue, navy blue, purple.




Born in the Lyon region in 1801, Eugène Dumortier, a renowned palaeontologist, is the one who gave his name to dumortierite stone. Before being discovered by the palaeontologist and called dumortierite, this mineral had already been found and was known to the world of mineral specialists. Largely resembling lapis lazuli and other stones, such as sodalite and azurite, it tended to be confused with one or the other. As a result, it happened that people thought they owned lapis lazuli after having bought this stone in the Lyon region, when in reality they had acquired dumortierite stone. It was indeed difficult at one time to differentiate them from each other. In Antiquity, the tradition in the field of stones was to rely on the differences in colour as well as on the external appearance of the stones to differentiate them, more than on their intrinsic characteristics. Nowadays, the differentiation of stones is much sharper and more reliable, but the stone escaped this rigour until the 19th century. However, some people already knew that the “lapis lazuli” found in Lyon was not really a lapis, but this information, known by the “Anciennes écoles”, was kept secret or not revealed to the general public. It is therefore still possible today to hear about “lapis de Lyon” to refer to dumortiérite.

Although mostly blue, this stone can also come in shades ranging from dark purple to brown. Its visual assets as well as its rarity make it famous among jewellers and jewellery shops. Its aqua blue colour is indeed particularly appreciated and makes this stone pleasant to wear and makes outfits more elegant. Whether as a bracelet, necklace, or single pearl, dumortierite stone can be worn in all ways. Moreover, it is appreciated for its calming powers and its ability to help us in our concentration, especially in the projects we established ourselves. Its recent history, however, implies that its past use remains mysterious to us and that it is not accompanied by legends and myths.


Dumortierite falls into the category of fibrous minerals, i.e., it is composed of fibres. Its blue colour, reminiscent of water and which can turn to dark purple, surprises by its rarity. This stone pleases all the more as it can also be presented in brown or pink. Its relative opacity prevents it from being elevated to the rank of precious stone, but its hardness remains reasonable and its bright tones largely compensate for its lack of preciousness. When it is large, dumortierite can be sculpted into jewellery or other objects such as eggs and other spherical shapes. In specialised shops, it is presented in its natural state, either rough or sculpted or polished.

Dumortierite can be found in crystals. These crystals can be up to transparent, but are sometimes only translucent. The stone itself, in its natural state, has a cylindrical shape. Its opacity is almost total. To know where to find this stone, it will be necessary to look for metamorphic rocks, preferably if they are highly concentrated in aluminium. It is under these conditions that it develops best, but it can also be found in pegmatites. It is mainly found in France, in the Rhône-Alpes region, but it is also present in the rest of the world, in India, Canada, Namibia, Brazil or the United States, among other countries.



Dumortierite stone allows for increased concentration and more developed and logical thinking, thanks to the reflection and organisation of the concepts and information it provides. In this respect, it is particularly well suited to all aspects of the brain and learning. It is particularly effective for learning a new language. In addition, on the emotional level, the brain and mind organisation that it brings allows you to control your emotions as well as many aspects of your life, such as shyness, anger, fears, and states of sadness. Increased confidence is also to be expected, especially in the case of injustices that you may have to fight against. In addition to helping us organize our thoughts, dumortierite helps us organize our belongings, such as office documents and future tasks. It is particularly suitable for beginning self-entrepreneurs. By boosting your mental acuity, dumortierite stone acts directly on the capacities of your brain. It will allow you to achieve your goals without ever losing sight of the goal you are trying to reach, and to process the information related to your goals in the most appropriate way. Finally, a tenfold increase in memory is to be expected, facilitating your learning.

Dumortierite has particularly advanced psychic capacities, making it a privileged stone to converse with the world of spirits and guides. Whether you are seeking contact with an inner guide, a spiritual guide or an angel, this stone is an open door to their world. Your intuition will be particularly developed thanks to this bridge to the spiritual world, as well as your wisdom and clairvoyance. Their divine wisdom will reflect upon you for the best results in terms of inspiration.

This stone will make you perfectly receptive to communication with spiritual guides and angels, facilitating exchanges and developing your wisdom. To work more particularly on your clairaudience, it will be good to put the stone behind your ear. To reconnect with your past lives and bring back memories, it will be good to put it further back. Your journey, the one that takes your soul and examines your past in search of agreements made in time, whether you are aware of their existence or not, begins here, with Dumortierite. You will then have the opportunity to modify them, or at least renegotiate them, if they have become obsolete. Anything that is no longer useful, be it contracts or ties with people, and that occurred in the past and lost in your memory until then, can be easily broken with this stone. Physically, hidden reasons for a health problem can be detected and revealed. This spiritual communication offered by dumortierite stone is also suitable for communication with pets or other human beings, but on a higher level. Your increased intuition can help you to feel and hear a divine being, or at least to detect the action of a divine being in your daily life and in the things around you. Thanks to the strong spiritual aspect of the stone, you may also be led to judge your own behaviour more objectively, to see more clearly the answers to meaningful questions that you may ask yourself. The objectivity that this stone will bring you may be the beginning of positive changes in your life, especially with regard to the choices you are led to make and the actions you take. These advanced spiritual capacities, and if you know how to make good use of them, will bring you the possibility of becoming aware of the deep truths of this world and of the world of the guides.

As far as the chakras are concerned, this mineral is related to the throat chakra. It brings openness and balance to the throat chakra and thus improves self-confidence, while decreasing nervousness and shyness. This confidence in one’s own potential comes through, among other things, an increased ability to communicate, especially when it comes to defending one’s ideas and values. The truth can be told, and this stone will help you to tell and share it. There is no need to hide behind your fear of expressing yourself, but sometimes you need a little help to remember it. Dumortierite will remind us of this. In addition, its link to the throat chakras also helps you to calm your thoughts and excitement, so that you can regain your calm. As a result, a feeling of security is created, in addition to self-confidence, especially in the case of a blue stone. Not only is it useful for people who experience minor daily crises, it is also perfectly adapted to those experiencing more important crises or even traumatic situations. It allows you to refocus and restore your confidence in your capacities and ability to get out of the crisis.

Dumortierite stone allows you to feel more serene and calm on an emotional level, but it also allows those around you to see you in a different light. Indeed, its energy brings out your natural goodness so that it can be shared in an obvious way, and appreciated at its true value. Your goodness thus shared and highlighted will come back to you even more powerful, helping you to reach a state of bliss. Self-love and happiness will lead you to maintain a positive attitude toward your life, to act constructively on what surrounds you, and to maintain your natural youthfulness of mind.


In lithotherapy and physically, the energy of this stone acts on numerous body ailments and brings a great number of health benefits. Its use can relieve thyroid problems, as well as particularly painful menstrual cramps. In this case, it is advisable to hold it in your hand and concentrate on its positive effects. Dumortierite stone is also particularly suitable for inflammatory problems. It is a good idea to keep it close at hand in case of physical reactions, as a treatment to alleviate pain. In addition, common stomach disorders such as vomiting, nausea, colic and cramps will find relief in this stone, which can be used as a treatment for all transit problems. Wearing it as a bracelet may be a good idea to keep it always in contact with your body.


  • Unknown.


  • Stone often confused with lapis lazuli and sodalite.

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