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hawk's eye stone


  • Group: Quartzite
  • Chemical composition: Silicon dioxide, SiO²
  • Crystal System: Rhombohedral
  • Hardness: 7
  • Deposits: South Africa, Australia, Myanmar, Brazil, the United States, India.
  • Colour: Blue-grey, blue-green grey

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History of Hawk’s Eye Stone

Based on its symbol, falcon’s eye stone represents the omniscient guardian angel. In Ireland, Celtics believed that hawk eye was an amulet allowing the wearer to evolve methodically. In Egypt, hawk eye was called the stone of Horus. Finally, Peruvian shamans considered hawk eye to be of great help to animals, helping them to evolve in consciousness.

Today, falcon’s eye stone is used in litho therapy for its virtues and properties but it is not uncommon to see it mounted in necklaces or bracelets.

Origin and Composition of Hawk’s Eye Stone

Hawk’s eye stone belongs to the quartzite group. It is primarily composed of silicon dioxide. Its colours are a mixture of grey, blue and green. Often, hawk’s eye is predominantly grey and frequently made up of bluish reflections.

The primary hawk’s eye deposits are located in South Africa, Australia, Myanmar, Brazil, the United States and India.

Litho Therapeutic Properties of Hawk’s Eye Stone

Hawk’s Eye Stone Psychological Benefits

Psychologically, hawk’s eye stone invites change and gives way to new ideas. It also helps to develop listening abilities. Hawk’s eye is highly prized and recommended for those who are ‘closed off’ or very conservative, allowing them to be more open-minded. Falcon’s eye stone facilitates new perspectives and openness to others.

Hawk’s Eye Stone Physical Benefits

Physically, falcon’s eye stone allows the wearer, through a hawk’s eye stone pendant for example, to cure themselves of eye troubles, whether due to fatigue or other reasons. Hawk’s eye stone effects are very powerful, particularly for observation and accuracy of sight. Falcon’s eye is an excellent regulator of the respiratory system. It soothes hoarseness and purifies the lungs. This is the perfect stone for communication professionals.

Hawk’s Eye Stone Symbolism

  • Hawk’s eye stone represents the omniscient guardian angel.

Hawk’s Eye Stone Traditions

  • Irish Celtism: Hawk’s eye stone promotes gradual evolution.
  • Peruvian shamanism: Hawk’s eye stone allows animals to evolve in consciousness.
  • Egypt: Hawk’s eye represents the stone of Horus.