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  • Origin of the name: From the Greek “hemi” and “morphê”. “Hemi” meaning half and “morphê” meaning shape.
  • Group: Silicates
  • CChemical composition: Sorosilicates, Zn4Si2O7(OH)2.H2O.
  • Hardness: Between 4.5 and 5
  • Crystal System: Orthorhombic
  • Deposits: Belgium, Canada, China, France, Mexico, Tunisia.
  • Colours: Colorless, white, blue, greenish, grey, yellowish, brown, green, yellow, brownish, bluish.




Originally from Baïta Bihorului, in Bihor County, Romania, hemimorphite stone is a zinc silicate. The main deposits of this crystal are located in the United States, Mexico, Congo, Madagascar, Australia, China and Europe (France, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy). Since Antiquity, this stone, like smithsonite, was falsely named calamine. Calamine is a derivative of the Greek kadmeia, or Cadmée. Cadmée is the name of a region with numerous mines whose walls were covered with these minerals. It was only in 1803 that James Smithson, a British chemist and mineralogist, discovered that hemimorphite and smithsonite are two different species. The first is a silicate, while the second is a carbonate.

Gustav Adolf Kenngott, a Swiss mineralogist, invented its name “hemimorphite” in 1853. Its etymology comes from the Greek “hemi” and “morphê”. “Hemi” means half and “morphê” means shape. Indeed, it has a peculiar shape thanks to its different extremities. One of its extremities is pointed and ends in a pyramid. The other is blunt and generally bevelled. Its size is quite variable with a width varying from about 7 to 8 cm. Transparent to translucent, it comes in different colours. It can go from colourless to white, yellow, grey, violet, pink, green and to brown. Very often it has a blue colour.

Hemimorphite stone has two particularities :

  • it is pyroelectric, which means that it is electrically charged when heated;
  • it is piezoelectric, which means that it becomes electrically charged when rubbed.

It is used as a zinc mineral and as a food supplement for its trace element content. This stone is also used in jewellery. Known to be fragile, it is first treated to increase its hardness.


Hemimorphite stone belongs to the silicate group, and the sorosilicate subgroup. Its chemical composition is: Zn4Si2O7(OH)2-(H2O). It therefore consists mainly of zinc and is considered to be a tectosilicate. It contains water molecules that gradually disappear at a temperature of up to 500°C. However, the OH groups can only be removed at a higher temperature, concomitantly destroying the structure. The hydroxyl groups are therefore fully part of the structure of this mineral. Finally, its density varies between 3.4 and 3.5 g/cm3. Its dimensions are generally quite small, although its width depends on the deposit area.

In most cases, hemimorphite is massive, with crusts as well as concreted masses with a hilly surface. Stalactitic, granular aspects are also common. It crystallizes as small tabular crystals in the orthorhombic system. It is considered a rather fragile stone. Indeed, it can have irregular to subconchoidal breaks. According to Mohs scale, the hardness of this stone is 4.5 to 5. Often colourless, it can be greenish, yellowish more or less brown. It can also have a slightly blue colour. Finally, this crystal develops phenomena of luminescence, fluorescence and triboluminescence. As mentioned above, it is also known for its pyroelectricity and piezoelectricity.



In lithotherapy, hemimorphite stone is considered a stone of protection and communication. First of all, concerning protection, it attracts luck, positive things and fortune. In case of important projects, whether professional or personal, keeping it close to you, in a room of your home, allows you to really enjoy its positive aura. By promoting self-discipline and motivation, it helps us to do the tasks we have to do, to focus on them, and to see them through to the end. This stone prevents procrastination.

It is considered a communication stone as it facilitates exchanges. When in contact with it, you will find it easier to express yourself with others. Thus, it can be used when you need to convince someone, to stand out or to conclude something.

This stone is reputed to help in every issue relating to love. It connects directly to the heart of each individual, to better communicate emotions and facilitate love exchanges. It will reinforce the love that each person shares with his or her half, increasing happiness tenfold on a daily basis. Moreover, it is a stone that relieves emotional wounds. Indeed, its vibrations are known to help deconstruct all negative and harmful emotions present in the heart. It helps to resolve all sentimental problems by allowing self-acceptance and forgiveness. These crystals are a precious help when it comes to repairing broken relationships. By replacing anger with forgiveness, understanding, and humility, this protective crystal makes it possible to approach all situations of daily life under an optimistic spectrum. It gives everything you need to get better, to heal, and to forgive others as well as yourself.

Hemimorphite stone keeps your ego or pride under control, so that no harmful actions or thoughts are guided by them. Its energies will correct certain character traits by bringing you more benevolence. Thus, you will have more attention for your partner and you will also be more attentive to his/her needs. Its magnificent vibrations allow you to anticipate or settle disagreements, and even to restore passion with your partner. Indeed, defined as a communication stone, it invites more honesty and more openness in order to facilitate all exchanges. By discharging all accumulated negative feelings, the energies transmitted will help you to work on yourself in order to become a compassionate individual. Indeed, thanks to its strong power, the stone makes each person an empathetic and more understanding partner. It encourages you to approach each situation you experience in a positive way. It will allow you to achieve happiness and to apply positive thinking in all situations, in order to make your life a wonderful journey.


The curative properties of this stone are quite numerous. First of all, it is reputed to alleviate hormonal headaches. Secondly, it can help you to relieve pain related to premenstrual syndrome. Also, in the case of pain caused by ulcers, it can help you manage your pain.

In general, it helps to transmit a lot of positive energy. For example, if you suffer from weight problems, it can help you lose weight. Indeed, it supports and motivates its owner in all the efforts that are undertaken. By keeping it in the room you often use in your home, you will increase the energy rate of that room. You will then enjoy all its benefits. It will also encourage you to maintain a healthy lifestyle with the goal of ensuring your daily iron health. Finally, it is a stone that can help you in case of blood disorders. When combined with azurite, it can have an effect on blood purification.


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