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  • Origin of the name: From the Arabic “zargoun” meaning “vermilion”
  • Chemical composition: Zirconium silicate, Zr(SiO4).
  • Hardness: between 6.5 and 7.5
  • Crystal System: Quadratic
  • Deposit(s): Australia, Burma, Brazil, Cambodia, France, Madagascar, Tanzania, Thailand, Vietnam.
  • Colour(s): All colours of the spectrum. The main ones encountered are brown-red and green-brown.




Formed at the same time as the Earth, hyacinth zircon stone is one of the oldest formed precious minerals. It has been known and used since the dawn of time. Despite the fact that it is very old, there is not much information, myths or legends about this gem. Even by rummaging through the pages of the histories of the world’s great civilizations, we find very little information about this gem.

Nevertheless, we know from ancient poems that among Hindus, this gem was used, along with several other precious gems, to form the mythical glowing Kalpa tree, the ultimate gift to the gods. In other ancient traditions, this gem was called « hyacinth » especially in the Bible. In ancient Jewish tradition, it was named after supernatural entities such as « angel » and according to some Jewish legends, this angel guided Adam and Eve to the Garden of Eden.

The Bible tells us that this precious stone, especially the brown zircon (hyacinth), is one of the stones used to build the foundations of the Heavenly Jerusalem. It seems that in the Middle Ages, this gem was used not only to have a deep sleep and to drive away evil spirits, but also to obtain wealth, honours and wisdom. Nowadays, this gem is extensively used in jewellery because of its fantastic beauty and its resemblance to diamonds. However, it is mainly exploited in the nuclear sector, in the operation of reactors or in the manufacture of sarcophagi for radioactive waste. This gem is also a December birthstone.


Hyacinth zircon stone is a well-known gem, coming in many shades. Its brilliant lustre and fire, combined with good hardness, make it a desirable gem. Finding it in its natural state with good colour and transparency is uncommon and most of its crystals are opaque and brownish. However, most of these gems, especially the blue, light blue and white forms, are enhanced by heat treatment. It often contains traces of radioactive elements in its structure, making it metamorphic. This unstable form, called cryolite, is characterized by rounded, almost dome-shaped gems with a dull or pitiful lustre. When heated, these metamorphic crystals become stable and return to their normal crystal structure.

The zircon gem is derived from acidic magma and is found in syenites and granites. Gems found in pegmatites are usually larger and double-ended. It consists of Zirconium Silicate, often with some hafnium and sometimes with some uranium, thorium and yttrium. It can contain up to 20% hafnium, in addition to zirconium, in its structure. If it exceeds this amount, it is no longer zircon, but hafnium. The most common colour is dark brown. It is also found in black, grey, light brown, brownish red, orange, pink, yellow, light blue, green, light green, light violet white and colourless. It is sometimes found multicoloured (black and dark red, or with lighter and darker striations).

This gem is usually found in specialty shops with cut, polished or rough contours. It is thus modified for making necklaces, bracelets and pendants. The reputation of this gem has recently taken a hit because of precious gems imitations. Indeed, for both hidden and unconscious reasons, this gem has been used as a diamond. As the two gems look very much alike in terms of fire and lustre, experienced jewelers have confused colourless gems with real diamonds. This gem comes mainly from mining sites in China. It is also found at other mining sites in Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Tanzania, Madagascar, Russia, Norway, France, Australia, Canada and the United States.



According to the astrological value of hyacinth zircon, it is supposed to protect the mind and body and possess certain qualities, which help the wearer in a positive way. It is a very effective gem that attracts the vibrations of wisdom, prosperity, self-esteem and confidence. Feelings of love and happiness are strongly associated with these crystals and are believed to stimulate the satisfaction of the wearer. If the colours of bliss and romance in your relationship have faded away, use all the significant properties of this gem to bring love back into your relationship. It is known to nourish love between people. It can therefore be the exact tool you need to get closer to your partner or your family. And nothing could be a better solution than this gem for new lovers who are still navigating the delicate waters of romance, as it helps an innocent romance between two people to blossom. By making you more accepting of differences, it will help you to see others as the unique people they are, and to recognize that their differences only add more fascinating layers to your relationship.

And because this gem increases your confidence level, it can help you take the lead in your relationship and steer it in the right direction, away from all the negativity and problems. Thanks to its ability to increase the charm of the person wearing it, it will strongly attract your loved ones to you and your charisma. If arguments in your relationships arise because of your extreme jealousy or domineering possessiveness, it will teach you the art of letting go of these intensely negative feelings. This gem is also popular for making the user more tolerant. By keeping it on you, you will be able to tolerate your partner’s faults and not drift away because of them. It helps you to resist temptations, such as infidelity.

We often fail to give our relationship the attention it deserves because we are too anxious and uncertain about it. That is why using this stone can be a solution. And if you are always looking for the right person, use it for this project. It will help you to choose the most appropriate and interesting partner. This precious stone allows you to realize the ephemeral nature of all things. In this way, you are encouraged to re-evaluate every object you find important and to free yourself from the attachment you had to material things. The gem clears the mind and allows you to differentiate what is important or unimportant. It makes you rise above prejudices such as racism and makes you more fraternal. Concerning your emotional state, it erases victimhood, discrimination, misogyny and homophobia. This gem stimulates the root chakra and the sacred chakra. It is considered a spiritual gem that allows the wearer to be grounded.

Zircon stone also stimulates the movement of chi across the meridians, which at the same time stimulates the flow of stationary energies. In fact, this precious mineral is a stimulant of psychic abilities. In addition, it offers protective energy to people whose minds tend to leave their physical bodies to venture into other realms of consciousness. It is also said that this gem is a lure of wisdom, honour, success in a project and even wealth. This crystal has great significance in spiritual healing, especially because of its association with all the chakras. Possessing it can enable you to receive spiritual guidance from higher powers that will help you understand the true purpose of your existence. By removing negativity from a person’s energy system, the crystal cleanses and purifies the soul. This gem is also known for its ability to fight evil forces and spirits and protect your own spirit. In addition, because of its ability to gather all your unused energy and return it to Mother Earth, it can elevate your natural spirit and energy. Because of its connection to the Earth, it will gather all your energy and return your spirit to its most natural condition. It is also said that this crystal helps you to get closer to the Divine Spirit by making you see the insignificance of material wealth. It elevates your spirituality by instilling the notion that you are only a spirit in a physical body and that you belong to a divine realm.


This gem has a wide range of healing properties and becomes a precious gem for the wearer.

  • It has an antispasmodic power on the wearer’s liver and gall bladder. However, its calming effect in case of respiratory problems is one of its most beneficial properties.
  • It has a beneficial effect on lung infections, sore throats and in case of problems related to the respiratory system.
  • It is also said to relieve pain, even menstrual pain.
  • It can be used as a treatment for intestinal and digestive problems, which can cause abdominal cramps in the body.
  • It stimulates the metabolism and prevents water retention in tissues and blood pressure.
  • It is also said to control problems related to the wearer’s reproductive system.
  • Red zircon allows the wearer to reduce his or her wounds and sores.
  • It stimulates the heart when under physical stress.
  • However, it is not recommended for hypertensive and angry people.


  • Zircon is the inner fire that replenishes and nourishes.


  • Alchemy: Zircon is an incombustible stone that feeds on fire.
  • Bible: It is one of the 12 stones that make up the heavenly Jerusalem.
  • Egypt: Zircon is the stone of the deceased destined for mummification, hence eternity.
  • Middle Ages: This stone is the living manifestation of fire. It was regularly called hyacinth and was confused with garnet (and still is today).