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larimar stone


  • Origin of the name: Combination of the female names Larissa and Mar (sea in Spanish)
  • Group: Pectolite
  • Chemical composition: NaCa2 (OH/Si3O8).
  • Crystal System: Triclinic
  • Hardness: Between 4.5 and 7.
  • Deposits: Saint-Domingue, Italy.
  • Colour: Sky blue with white veins.

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History of Larimar Stone

Larimar stone, or Atlantis rock, is one of the most sought-after pectolites around the globe. It was first noted in the Dominican Republic in 1916 by Father Domingo Fuertes of Loren. It was he who, without success, suggested the extraction of the mine that contained it. An element with countless therapeutic and litho therapeutic properties, it is the result of long-term and complex volcanic phenomena. In truth, the name of this stone comes from the combination of the female names Larissa and Mar (sea in Spanish). It was a resident of Chupaderos village, named Miguel Mendez who, in search of the mine, was amazed at the beauty and reflectiveness of a magnificent stone that rested at the bottom of a river. He then named it Larimar stone. His daughter’s beauty (Larissa) and the thalassotherapeautic benefits can be found in one stone. It’s rather spectacular. An emblematic rock of the region, it should not be confused with jade, turquoise or chrysocolla. Dominicans are rightly proud of having such a jewel. It is delicate, beautiful and subtle. If you are at a turning point in your life, or if you are facing a difficult situation, it may be of great use.

Origin and Composition of Larimar Stone

Today, larimar stone jewellery, assembled on gold or silver, is famous in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic and Italy. The highest-value necklaces, bracelets and pendants are those made that are blue, deep blue or azure blue. This rare pectolite variety was created from volcano eruptions that occurred primarily on Hispaniola Island, around 1 billion years ago. These would have facilitated the arrangement and combination of chemical, sodium and calcium elements, such as basalt, andesite and silicon oxygen. This fine rock (since 1979) is the result of crystallisation of gas and incandescent materials inside volcanic vents. It also has a mysterious side. Edgar Cayce (1877–1945) prophesied of the discovery of a stone with miraculous healing and communication powers in the Caribbean islands. According to him, it was used for the foundation of Atlantis. It is proven today that this semi-precious, photosensitive rock has powerful therapeutic properties. However, over time, larimar may lose its beautiful colouration. Indeed, the darker the blue, the more precious the stone. Although blue stones are the most highly prized, there are other Larimar colour varieties: colourless, green, red, grey and white. Reddish colourations are due to traces of iron. In Italy, remarkable specimens of this rock are produced by the Fitta and Save deposits, located in the provinces of Verona and Veneto respectively.

Litho Therapeutic Properties of Larimar Stone

Larimar Stone’s Mental Benefits

Larimar is known to have soothing and balancing properties on the psyche and body. Those who wear, for example, a necklace, bracelet, a chain bracelet or any object made of this semi-precious rock instantly benefit from the positive energies that are necessary for the soul’s development. However, it is important to purify it after purchase, as it offers its energies to all who handle it. Larimar therefore helps to boost positivity when morale is at its lowest. It wards off negative thoughts. Excessive anger, suicidal thoughts and other forms of negativity are silenced simply by wearing this stone. To the Hindus, wearing this jewellery around the neck harmonises and balances the throat chakra. This stone helps you to stabilise and soothe anger, allowing you to forgive yourself as well as others. A catalyst for inner peace and perfect for those with anger issues, it is essential for meditation and yoga exercises. It harmonises emotions and balances the body by working on vital points. The serenity, wholeness and calm that it radiates help you to have cathartic meditation sessions and releases your creative genius. This is why larimar stone is highly recommended for artists, regardless of the field. Simply place this protective gem in the corner of a workshop, for example.

The virtues of this ‘sea rock’ are also remarkable for reducing stress. Today in Europe, one in three workers suffers from stress problems. After the plague, stress became, along with AIDS, the problem of the century. Generally intermittent, this disease of the mind inhibits performance, reduces life’s joys and can lead to suicide. There is nothing worse than a bad mood all day, every day, to prevent you from fully enjoying your life. A more peaceful, wonderful, relaxed and less restrictive alternative is offered to all at an affordable price. Larimar can be delivered to your home or at the address provided, but make sure to purify this stone before use. It is often sold in the form of stones or precious objects and it may be silver-mounted if it is a pendant. In its jewel form, it offers 3 advantages in one as it is at once a medicine, a lucky charm and a beauty accessory. Of course, it must not replace clinical treatment or consultation with an expert (psychologist or psychiatrist). It is however, a useful aid. Those who are erratic or simply want to purify themselves can benefit from its pure energy source, which has a positive effect on the etheric body. Dominators, chauvinists, or those who have sexist tendencies may also benefit from its qualities of understanding, allowing them to understand those who are different in gender or social position. Soft and feminine, larimar, which corresponds to the ‘virgin,’ ‘aquarius’ and ‘fish,’ zodiac signs is a yin stone (opposite of yang), meaning that it is associated with the feminine and its qualities: sensuality, love, resilience, compassion and tolerance. In this regard, larimar works effectively at softening those of cold characters or those who engage in immoral behaviours. It is the perfect tool for harmonisation and pacifism in personal relations. In addition, this is at homoeopathic doses, and only the results are noticeable. The phrase ‘harmony stone’ suits it well.

Larimar Stone’s Physical Benefits

A stone of happiness and pride for Dominicans, larimar is used in several healing practices. It is recommended for those suffering from rare and neglected diseases and as well as post-partum women. For new mothers, it fortifies adrenals, restores the reproductive organs and encourages lactation. In contrast, for mothers-to-be, the volcanic rock can be used in acupuncture to facilitate childbirth. It is a common element used by reflexologists to detect deficient meridians in order to revitalise them effectively. The primary technique then used is drainage, and the organs of the body that it works on are numerous. This can include drainage of the liver, gallbladder, spleen, etc. Some even claim that by using larimar for massages of the soles of the feet, it fills the vital points with positive energy and promotes rapid tissue reconstruction. This self-healing therapy, ideal for those who are injured, is also used for extensive burns. This stone can also be used as a complement to clinical care for post-traumatic stress treatment.

Indeed, it helps to restructure the nervous system. Survivors of serious accidents and those who have been abused or experienced horrific and extremely stressful situations in the past may be permanently affected emotionally. They often have moments of instability due to deep feelings of guilt, fear, panic, anguish or strong, momentary anger. These are certainly short-lived and periodic situations, but their impact on the physical and mental health of the person as well as the effects on family and friends and the home atmosphere should not be overlooked. Larimar stone therefore limits negative feelings that feed back on themselves. Sold in almost every jewellery store on the Dominican Republic, larimar stone can be purchased as a holiday souvenir. In this case, delivery is, of course, free.

Larimar Stone’s Symbolism

  • Larimar is the cloud on a calm day
  • The ethereal form of matter, of metamorphosis

Larimar Stone’s Traditions

  • The stone of Atlanteans. Plato reinforced this legend, indicating that the mythical continent would be situated in the Mediterranean.

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