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  • Origin of the name: From its formation when the volcanic magma cools when it comes out on the earth’s surface
  • Chemical composition: Silicon dioxide
  • Hardness: Between 5 and 5.5
  • Crystal System: Amorphous
  • Deposits: Wherever there are volcanoes
  • Colours: Brown, grey, black




Since the dawn of time, people have been fascinated and feared by volcanic manifestations. They symbolise the power of the world, the fragility of the human condition in the face of the elements. It is sometimes even an incarnation of the divine or the manifestation of an evil presence. The telluric forces have their representations in the cosmogony of many peoples of the world and these eruptions generally seem to be associated with divine wrath. As a result, lava stone has always had a prominent place in the myths, legends and magical rituals of ancient peoples. Fighting bewitchments, bringing strength and protection, rites using these magma minerals mark the history of the world. It seems that the word “basalt” is found in the writings of Pliny the Elder, a naturalist writer of the first century, issued from the term “bsalt” from Abyssinia meaning “cooked”. This strange mineral, at once extremely hard and yet light, disturbing in its colour and origin, has met with many uses over time. Apart from its therapeutic or incantatory use, it underwent an important expansion in the Middle Ages, for mortar manufacture or building construction. It is interesting to note, for example, that the Cathedral of Notre Dame De L’Assomption in Clermont-Ferrand is built from Volvic lava. There is also fountain of Amboise, for example, made during the Renaissance period.

Nowadays, they are used in various sectors of industry: building, construction or crafts. We find them in the form of paving stones, for interior decoration, or as gravel in gardens. They can be declined endlessly. Due to their capacity to store heat, they are used, for example, for gas or electric barbecues because, thanks to their refractory properties, they release this heat and allow gentle and efficient cooking. This use in barbecues can be found in other technologies. Moreover, designers have also taken hold of its beauty and have given free rein to their fertile imagination by declining rings, earrings and bracelets of this enigmatic material. Elegant jewels are thus designed and meet a deserved success with connoisseurs and lithotherapy enthusiasts.


Present all over the world, particularly exploited in areas of important tectonic activity, it is found from Hawaii to Lanzarote, from the icy lands of Iceland to the burning slopes of Bali, to Italy, the United States, the West Indies… and the list is not exhaustive. The seismic and tectonic activity of the earth’s crust produces a large number of magmatic “deposits” around the world. On all continents and at the bottom of the oceans, cooled flows constitute these infinite reserves. Of eruptive or magmatic origin, lava stone is magmatic according to the classification of rocks. There is a very large variety of magmatic rocks according to this classification. Its constitution varies according to the type of molten matter projected during the eruption and according to the type of volcano from which it comes from. Magmatic flows reach temperatures of 700 to 1000 degrees during the eruption and this molten material cools gradually on contact with the air, giving birth to magma rocks. The most common is called basalt. This basic ore, i.e., low in silica, is the product of the cooling of the magma in contact with the air or the ocean. It generally consists of chemical components, mainly feldspar and pyroxene. It is therefore the result of the eruption of a crater and comes from the bowels of the planet. It is generally dark in colour, but other mineral formations from volcanoes exist. They are also called lava but have various shades depending on their composition, ranging from greenish grey to red ochre, to black and anthracite. An example is obsidian, a rock with a high concentration of silica oxides also called “volcanic glass”, whose chemical formula is close to that of granite and rhyolite.

Black magmatic minerals are the most used in esoteric practices, for meditation and yoga. In a different register, these black minerals are also prized for gardening because of their capacity to absorb water. Like sponges, they absorb moisture and are placed at the foot of plants for a diffuse and soft watering. Red magmatic minerals are used in decoration, as gravel in public spaces in many cities, in gardens and flowerbeds. On the other hand, the red volcanic stone is not recognized for its benefits in lithotherapy. It seems to have none of the powers of its black sister. This mineral coming from the depths is therefore extremely widespread throughout the world, but is no less precious for its uses and the fire power that its telluric origin gives it. Lithotherapy highlights its psychological and physical properties and uses it to cure various ills.



Psychologically, although coming from the muffled rumbling of the earth’s bowels, it is a beneficial mineral formation, bringing joy, to be used for appeasement. Its rough aspect contrasts with the softness and warmth it contains. It has a positive influence on its wearers, bringing them courage, self-confidence and strength. Coming from the matrix of the world, it brings rebirth, novelty and change. The fire power it contains is converted into positive power. Its natural magnetism helps to overcome the difficulties of everyday life. This mineral formation is also an ally for psychological reconstruction, bringing strength to overcome trauma, hidden blockages, negative and excessive emotions. This mineral has a great effect on anger, frustration, and irritability. It is also a medium of the unconscious par excellence that leads to self-knowledge.

In lithotherapy, it is, of course, a stimulating mineral whose powerful energy resonates with the chakras. In particular, the root, sacred and solar plexus chakras are connected by the fluid of this powerful stone. The fire and mother earth energies contained in this frozen lava make it a rooting vector. It anchors body and mind in the present and sends doubts, fears and questioning back to the torments of nothingness. It allows us to reconnect body and mind, to leave the past and its traumas behind us to accept the present and welcome the future in serenity. It balances the mind, ridding it of useless beliefs and primitive fears. As such, it allows us to go without fear towards the unknown and to surpass ourselves in joy and harmony. To enjoy its benefits, it is ideal to wear it as a bracelet, or simply as a pearl pendant. To maintain and recharge it in order to restore its properties, it is recommended to let it bathe, whether it is mounted in jewelry, in the form of a pearl bracelet or other, in slightly salty distilled water. It is therefore a powerful tool whose natural magnetism has a positive influence on its wearers, supporting them in the face of past traumas, giving them the strength to cope with everyday life and allowing them to welcome the future with serenity. It is also a vector of the unconscious which by its property of rooting brings an emotional as well as carnal stability.


Used for its warmth, particularly during massage sessions using « hot stones », this basaltic pearl has the refractory power to conserve and diffuse heat gently and continuously. It would thus have the power to spread its heat to the organs and thus revitalize them. Thanks to the heat diffused, it loosens muscles and soothes nervous tensions. It also seems to help improve fertility. Its properties improve the functions of the organism and strengthen the organs. Its stimulating power helps to improve our bodily well-being by bringing a force of stability both mental and physical. Porous and light, it allows the pleasant diffusion of essential oils. A few drops of lavender essential oil to soothe or lemon essential oil to stimulate on worn jewellery are enough for a long and beneficial diffusion. It brings harmony and the joy of rediscovering uncluttered and unfettered muscular capacities. It therefore appears that this mineral offers numerous benefits and that the wise choice of a jewel will allow using its power and its stimulating effects for the body and mind. It is a subtle and precious product that combines aesthetics and effectiveness. By its primitive and telluric origin, it seems to contain the foundations of our humanity.


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