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  • Origin of the name: From the Greek “lepidos” meaning “scale”.
  • Group: Micas
  • Chemical composition: Lithium aluminium fluorinated aluminosilicate, K(Li1Al3) (SiAl)4O10(OH1F2).
  • Hardness: Between 2 and 2.5
  • Crystal System: Monoclinic
  • Deposits: Brazil, Canada, United States, India, Madagascar, Norway, Tanzania, Zimbabwe.
  • Colours: From pink-grey to purplish



Lepidolite stone is highly valued in lithotherapy. It is highly recommended to learn about its origin and history to better understand the importance people attach to it. Symbolising calmness, serenity and concentration, it offers physical and psychological advantages. It is used, among other things, in the treatment of bipolarity and depression. Its chemical composition makes it a tool of choice in the treatment of electromagnetic pollution.


We owe the word lepidolite to the Greek word “lepidos” (scale). Indeed, this stone has a scaly structure due to its lithium fragments. Brazil, Peru, Russia, Afghanistan and Madagascar are the main reservoirs of this rock. It belongs to the class of Phyllosilicates and to the Mica family. It includes trace elements such as potassium, lithium, silicon and aluminium. With its vitreous lustre, the crystal has a hardness of 3 (Mohs scale). Because of its high content of lithium (a very light metal), it can be used in electrochemistry for the construction of rechargeable batteries or other electronic accessories such as microwaves and mobile phones. In addition, lepidolite stone symbolizes calm and protection. The stone was originally named lilalite in connection with its fascinating colour and structure by the German Nicolaus Poda von Neuhaus. Considered irrelevant, the name was taken up by the German chemist Martin Klaproth. Its colours range from purple-lilac to grey, pink and violet. It is sometimes colourless. One could confuse lepidolite stone with muscovite due to its very pale aspect. The mineral soothes negative thoughts, depression, resentment or exaggerated anxiety. For people subject to mood swings, lepidolite is a very useful natural element.

This mineral is recommended when making important decisions as it optimizes the analytical faculties of the person who uses it. It has a multitude of benefits and applications in various fields. However, you must know how to purify and cleanse your stone in order to enjoy it to the fullest. You will also need to use water, incense and sage to ensure proper cleaning of your stone. To clean and recharge it at the same time, put it in a wave in the shape of a scallop shell. You can also ensure a proper charging by putting it under ground or in the sun.


Basic aluminium fluorosilicate of potassium and lithium, its chemical formula is K(Li, Al)2-3(AlSi3O10)(O,OH,F)2. The crystals have a pseudo-hexagonal or prismatic structure and can grow to about 20 centimetres. It can also be cut into several shapes such as a star structure. The stone is translucent and has a white line. Its density varies from 2.5 to 4 on Mohs scale for a measured density of 2.8 to 2.9. Exposed to medium-wave UV radiation, the stone presents a creamy white, pale yellow or yellow fluorescence.

Lepidolite stone is a muscovite species belonging to the mica family and the Phyllosilicates class. Its main reservoirs are in Brazil, Madagascar and Peru.



Psychologically, lepidolite stone helps to concentrate and focus attention on the essentials, to make objective decisions and to draw targeted conclusions. It relieves compulsive disorder, agoraphobia or other ailments. It helps to fight addictions, obsessions and allows you to sleep as peacefully as possible. This stone is recommended for everyone, men or women. Lepidolite stone sharpens the faculties and analytical skills of the person who uses it. It allows the user to draw the most objective conclusions and to make focused decisions. It helps to achieve self-imposed goals set by stimulating concentration and attention. It directs all thoughts in the sole direction of one’s expectations, while avoiding all types of distractions. It is thus an excellent natural way to fight against obsession, discouragement and sleep disorders.

Emotionally, it allows you to preserve your calm and serenity regardless of what is stirring in the environment. It allows you to have a restful sleep, relieves stress and its consequences. For people who get easily influenced by the external environment, this stone will be useful. It ensures inner calm and peace, every month of the year. It allows you to feel independent of others and provides optimal satisfaction. It brings care with regard to fear, creates self-confidence and stabilises emotions for the achievement of life goals. It is a remedy for people suffering from excessive worry or fear.

Spiritually, this crystal alone makes any kind of negativity disappear. It contributes to the development of the spiritual senses. It makes it possible to bring out one’s higher self. This stone favours the stimulation of the spiritual senses and the development of the soul. It allows you to have spiritual insight and to be able to interpret the various situations of everyday life. It also helps you to reach higher levels of consciousness and to understand unusual events.

Concerning the chakras, lepidolite opens the heart and throat chakras. It is known to dissipate misfortune and remove blockages while stimulating the third eye. Most often in the form of bracelet or silver jewellery, this stone ensures the purification of its owner.


This stone is very rich in lithium, a really light metal. This abundance allows its use for various physical applications. First of all, you can just place it on a computer or any other source of electromagnetic emission to absorb and eliminate these various emissions. It helps to fight against sleep disorders, chronic sadness, stress, obsession, etc. Regarding bipolar disorders and mood swings, this gem is an exceptional solution. It is also recommended to relieve any type of dependency or addiction (drugs).

It is the ideal stone to purify the skin and connective tissue. It has a positive effect on the immune system which it strengthens. In case of difficulty in channelling oneself, it can be of great help for self-acceptance. Brain functions are rebalanced thanks to its high content of lithium. Personality disorders, psychological and psychosomatic disorders, heavy grief, etc., are among the ailments that this stone relieves.

You can thus acquire your silver bracelet or lepidolite jewellery by contacting lithotherapy specialists. Various aspects of the product are proposed to you according to your preferences (simple, star, prismatic, etc.) with satisfactory guarantees.


  • Knowing how to observe forces beyond the merely physical level


  • China: It represents the food of immortality (mica + jade)
  • India: It leads to immortality (mica + mercury)

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