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  • Origin of the name: Derived from the ancient Greek « Krystallos » and « Kryos », meaning respectively « ice » and « frost ».
  • Chemical composition: Silicon dioxide SiO2
  • Hardness: 7
  • Crystal System: Rhombohedral
  • Deposits: A great number throughout the world.
  • Colours: It is a non-translucent rock crystal, which can be cloudy and asteriated like pink quartz.




In order to understand the origin of this stone, we should first look at the notion and definition of the word crystal. The term would come from the ancient Greek « Krystallos » and « Kryos », which mean respectively « ice » and « frost ». Ancient beliefs indicate that it was formed after a significant drop in temperature. This temperature was so high that even when it was set on fire, the stone could not melt. Numerous archaeological excavations have shown that milky quartz has existed for thousands of years, even as early as prehistoric times. It was used primarily for practical purposes, usually to make tools, weapon points, or to start a fire. Since Antiquity, it has been attributed with healing powers, so this white mineral has become a real magical product with supernatural powers.

The Greco-Romans used it to cauterize wounds by combining it with the sun rays. When exposed to the sun, it would absorb the energy and heat provided by the sun, giving it an effective healing power against wounds. Among Middle Eastern civilizations, it is said to have the ability to give the power of invisibility. Finally, the Maya used it as an element of dowsing to find water for years.


Milky quartz is a variety of mineral sediment (SiO2). Its colour is the result of natural phenomena, including the exposure of crystals to radioactive elements over a long period of time. The process by which this happens is still somewhat unclear today. What we do know, however, is that this exposure can change the oxidation states of the impurities in its structure. This has the effect of creating particular colours, characteristic of milky quartz stone. This mineral has small cavities containing carbon dioxide or water. The more cavities it has, the more opaque it is. Milky quartz stone is most often responsible for the cloudy forms inside other rocks such as amethyst or citrine. Visually, it looks like a crystal with a rather blurred shape, reminiscent of a spectrum. This more or less ghostly appearance explains the name : « phantom quartz ». From a scientific point of view, this reaction is due to an early stage of crystal growth, or later to the mineral’s crystal growth. Milky quartz belongs, as its name implies, to the family of macrocrystalline minerals. It also includes the smoky type, like OuroVerde and citrine. Also called rock crystal, it is composed of silicon dioxide or silica, and is formed in cracks and crevices (vacuoles) in silica-rich rocks. This process is called “hydrothermal”. In France, the Saint-paul-la-roche quarry is known to have varieties with exceptional properties. In addition to the quarry of Saint-paul-la-roche, it is mainly found in Brazil, the United States, Europe and Madagascar.

In the 19th century, it was the subject of numerous exploitations, due to the large number of uses that could be made of it. At the time, its exploitation generally revolved around the manufacture of the famous crystal balls used by psychics and witches. Milky Quartz eis unique because of its clarity, vitreous lustre and the absence of metallic elements, which makes it colourless. There is another variation called « prince milky quartz ». It is the purest variety ever found, as it has the clarity and a shimmer of water and has no impurities. These characteristics make this little gem a must to adorn the most beautiful jewels. Rutile is also another variety of this unique mineral. It has beautiful titanium inclusions that take on the appearance of long needles, and is called « Venus Hair ». Moreover, you have another variation with the same anatomy, but this time with a batch of fine black tourmaline needles. When these tourmaline inclusions are blue, they give birth to Mutuca Rutile Quartz, a rare, unique and very popular variety.

There are other variants that are much lesser known, but which have a similar set of inclusions, including Medusa, composed of Gilatite inclusions. This is also the case with Strawberry, a pure wonder with inclusions in the form of glittering hematite.



Very popular in lithotherapy, it is the ideal natural treatment for extremely anxious and quite emotional people. Its energy allows you to manage your emotions and consolidate them at the same time. By absorbing emotional states, this mineral helps to better control their flow. In many cases, it is advisable to do a meditation session with it once a week, in order to understand how it works. Note that the use of this mineral will not totally solve the problems; it intervenes mainly to help find the causes. The overcoming of emotional states, the recognition of emotions and their origin, are often difficult. Crystals can help to manage emotions and allow a greater degree of control and awareness.

Their white and sometimes frosty appearance can help their wearer see the world differently, in a much more optimistic way. It makes it easier to perceive the wonders that surround this world, and to adopt a more positive spirit. On the other hand, milky quartz stone activates the crown chakra, and facilitates the connection with the inner self. Wearing it or having it in your living places is supposed to dissipate negative emotions and thoughts. It is also possible to enjoy the benefits of the mineral by integrating it into our home. Table tops, countertops, sideboards or other supports can be made from ceramics. Ceramic is itself made from milky quartz grains. Basically, holding this mineral on a daily basis allows us to have a more positive outlook on the future.


Milky quartz interacts directly with the pituitary and pineal glands, which regulate the body’s hormonal function. It can therefore have an impact on both physical and mental well-being. These crystals improve the immune system, and rid the body of infections and similar disorders. This little gem can be worn to preserve and heal the effects of radiation. It is also very effective in soothing the pain of burning skin resulting from the sun’s rays. Because it is able to neutralize negative thoughts and feelings, healers use it to solve mental and emotional problems. In addition, it helps maintain healthy teeth and bones, and provides better bone marrow maintenance. Women who are breastfeeding or suffering from early menopause can count on the properties of this mineral to relieve their discomfort.

Milky quartz stone is a fairly common product that can help us reach deep meditative states. It works with a rather simple system: its Yin energies compensate for excessive Yang, thus ensuring a better balance. Essentially, this stone has the same properties as clear quartz, but acts more gently. In order to benefit from its therapeutic properties, it can be exploited in different ways. Today, the trade offers different supports that can accommodate this gem, and the price varies according to the way it is used. It can be worn as a jewel, in which case the price can be quite high. Its essence allows the energy to penetrate directly into the body. It should be then used in its raw state. Also, it can be used as a decorative object in the house, in order to take advantage of its powers at home.


  • Milky quartz represents sunlight (male) and moonlight (female).
  • It is the universal union of the stars.


  • Alchemy: Milky quartz is the food of immortality, the milk of the virgin.
  • Celticism: It is the stone of immortality.
  • India: It is knowledge, fertility and abundance.
  • Muslims: It is the knowledge of secrets.